TruCor Flooring Review 2023: Pricing & Our Rating

TruCor Flooring Review

The world can be a confusing place sometimes. There are a few floors that sound like TruCor, including at least two called TruCore. It’s true! Cor! (As an early Spandau Ballet draft had it). But we’re not interested in those right now. Today, we’re looking at TruCor Flooring, which is a luxury vinyl plank (LVP) made by Dixie Home, the flooring people who are behind EnVision Carpets, as well as a range of solid hardwoods.

The luxury vinyl they produce comes in a very wide range of different looks and different constructions. We’ll take a look across the range, picking out some of the varieties that especially caught our eye, before addressing issues such as durability and price. After running down a few pros and cons of the brand, we’ll give our verdict. So, let’s get down to the true core of the matter. Sorry, the TruCor.

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There’s quite an array of TruCor products, and we don’t have space to cover them all here. So let’s crack on with a selection. For some of the types we don’t cover, you might want to check out this YouTube video

ENergy Flex

We’ll start with eNergy Flex, which is a range of a dozen oak effects. Although all the same variety of wood, there’s quite a spectrum available, from the silver Aqua Oak to the dark Desert Oak. 

The oak looks are carried by a photo-realistic design layer, augmented by an embossed texture. Plank size is 48” x 7”, and the thickness is 2.5mm. 


Now on to other TruCor ranges. Firstly, there’s 3DP, which offers a higher-res digital image, making for a more realistic natural effect. 

This time, as well as the oaks, there’s the option to go stone, with some nice marble, travertine, and slate varieties on offer. The wood-look planks are 60” x 7” and 6.5mm thick and have painted bevel edges. The stone-look tiles are 24” x 12”, 6.5mm thick, and the edges have been subjected to the TRUBevel treatment. No, we weren’t sure what this meant either, but it turns out to be a technique that delivers authentic variability and character into tile edging. 

TruCor Prime

Then we have the Prime Collection, which consists of 13 kinds of wood, including the amber hues of Oconee Pine, as well as the majestic grey of La Jolla. The planks come in 60” x 9” size, with a thickness of 7.5mm (which includes a 1mm underpad) and a micro-beveled edge. 

Note that there’s also a Prime XL range for people who like a bigger plank and even Prime XXL and Prime Pinnacle ranges for those for whom size really is everything. These kinds of people should derive satisfaction from a plank of truly whopping proportions, as the range goes up to 90” x 12”. 

TruCor Boardwalk

There’s also a beach-inspired collection called Boardwalk, which is redolent of coastal living with restrained shades of pine, oak, and ash. These planks are 60” x 7” and 6mm thick. 


Finally, in the planks, we have TruCor PRIME, which is an environmentally-friendly option that eschews PVC in favor of a mineral fiber core. This comes in 10 oak colorways, including moody Teton Oak and the mid-brown Bighorn Oak, which Custer sympathizers may struggle to like. The planks in this range are 48” x 7”, and a little thicker than traditional vinyl, at 9.5mm.

TruCor Tile

So, this is for the stone and ceramic fans, who will enjoy the range here, which includes a stark Graphite, a characterful Rust, and an interesting and lively Abstract. All 24 of the varieties are 24” x 12” and 7mm thick, with painted bevel edging. 

There’s a further collection called TileIGT, which is great for grout enthusiasts, as it claims to replicate the look of grout better than any other vinyl tile going. So, if you have no doubt that grout’s what it’s all about, check this out. They’re available in 24” x 12”, 24” x 18”, and 24” x 24” sizes.

Key Features:

  • Available in over 200 Different Wood and Stone Looks
  • Multi-Layer Structure
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Suitable for Commercial Use 
  • Highly Durable
  • Scratch and Dent-Resistant
  • GreenGuard Gold and FloorScore low VOC Certified


  • Flooring Name: TruCor 3DP, TruCor eNergy Flex, TruCor Prime, etc
  • Thickness: 2.5mm-9mm (some with attached pad)
  • Warranty: Lifetime Residential, 15 Years Commercial
  • Commercial or Residential Use: Both 
  • Installation Type: Floating (Glue-Down with ENergy Flex)
  • Underlayment Required: Some Varieties Have IXPE Pad Supplied Already Attached
  • Material: Luxury Vinyl (SPC and WPC) and Mineral Fiber
  • Brand: TruCor

TruCor - 3DP Collection in Marble Galaxy
TruCor – 3DP Collection in Marble Galaxy


So, as we’ve established, there’s quite a range available. There’s one constant though: it’s not cheap. At prices approaching $10 SFT for the high-end XXL stuff, this isn’t a budget option. Even the cheap end of the range is over $5 SFT, so it’s safe to say that TruCor is in the mid-upper luxury vinyl market. 

Dixie Group’s Vice President is on record as saying, ‘We’re not going to go out there and compete on price. You’re never going to win that battle.’ This is borne out by the prices we found. 

TruCor VarietyPriceThickness
Tile$5.30 SFT7mm
TileIGT$5.45 SFT7mm
Prime$5.70 SFT7.5mm
5 Series$6.71 SFT7mm
Prime XXL$9.07 SFT7.5mm
Pricing of TruCor floors

TruCor Compared With Other Vinyl Brands

Product NamePrice per Square FootOverall Thickness
Home Decorators Collection LVP$1.794 – 4.2 mm
DuraLux Performance$1.49 – $3.494 – 5 mm
CoreLuxe XD$2.99 – $3.995 – 7 mm
LifeProof Vinyl Plank$3.41 – $4.596.5 – 8 mm
NuCore RigidCore 8mm$3.798 mm
Mohawk SolidTech Plus$4.356 mm
Armstrong Luxe Plank$4.39 – $4.797.8 mm
Mannington Adura Max$5.49 – $5.998 mm
TruCor Prime$5.707.5 mm
Coretec Plus Premium$6.49 – $7.4912 mm
Cali Vinyl Legends$6.4912 mm
Shaw Floorte Classic$6.9912 mm
TruCor Prime XXL$9.077.5 mm
Coretec Grande$9.9915 mm
TruCor compared to other Vinyl Plank Brands on Price


No matter which variety you pick, all of the TruCor ranges perform to the same high standard, having 20mil aluminum oxide wear layers, which is what you really want to see in a vinyl floor, especially at this price point. 

Some of the ranges feature an extra acrylic coating (known as TRUWEAR) to deter scratch and dent damage. All TruCor vinyl floors are pet-proof, which means that they’re supposed to stand up to any stain a pet can rustle up.

The warranties are good too. All of the varieties carry a lifetime residential and 15-year light commercial guarantee and are good against stains, wear, and fading. However, as is common with warranties, there are limitations. For instance, although fade-proof, the floor isn’t covered against fading due to sustained sunlight. 

It’s also notable that the warranty expressly excludes damage from scratching. This is fair enough in a way – you can’t expect it to be entirely scratchproof in all circumstances.

On the bright side, as is invariably the case with vinyl flooring, the TruCor LVP and LVT products are waterproof. As is the PVC-free TruCor REFINED option. 

TruCor - 9 Series in Tuscany Oak
TruCor – 9 Series in Tuscany Oak


TruCor’s only been in business for a few years, so the internet’s not exactly awash with TruCor flooring reviews. Even the company’s own website only carries two customer reviews. What’s worse is that neither is great. We take our hats off to TruCor for not seeking to pull the vinyl over anyone’s eyes by introducing any bogus reviews. Brave.

The first one’s all about how Chambord Oak doesn’t look like it did on the site. 

I very much dislike how misleading the picture of the floor in its entirely is on this website. It truly looks nothing like that.


This happens. In TruCor’s defense, it’s very difficult to simulate the real thing entirely effectively on a small screen. Samples are always a good idea, so you don’t plunge right in and regret it straight away. They’re available for $5 each from

The second one is about installation.

I have been a carpenter for over 40 years and I have never installed a floor that took this long of time.


On the home improvement site, there’s a review that backs this up.

This is by far the hardest to install of any flooring I have done.


However, does have some positively ecstatic reviews.

I just installed trucor in my basement and am really happy with it and my contractors said it seemed like a great product. I love the beveled edge and it seems to be pretty scratch resistant.

Excellent company with excellent flooring. I sell a lot of it and haven’t had any issues with it. Recommended

We have had dogs AND human toenails on it–no scratches! So far, neither amateur or pro has believed it was not stone.


In general, people seem very happy with the look and performance of TruCor. Perhaps retailer Georgia Carpet sums it up best.

The end result is a beautiful floor that is a natural winner in any setting.



All of TruCor’s flooring products are good for DIY installation, with thorough instructions available on the company website. The method to use with most of them is the floating approach, with a decent (⅜”) expansion gap. 

As far as we can ascertain, most of TruCor’s flooring comes with an IXPE pad attached, making for an easier and faster installation as no extra underlayment is required. Of course, if you want to install extra underlayment for acoustic or cushioning benefits, there’s nothing to stop you.  

One of the exceptions to the attached pad rule is the eNergy Flex range, which also stands out due to the glue-down approach needed here. 

Although the instructions make the process seem pretty straightforward, the reviews we mentioned above don’t bear this out. In consequence, installation should be attempted only by those with a certain amount of aptitude for DIY. 

Be certain you’ve got all the tools you need. These will include a saw, masking tape, spirit level, and rubber mallet, as well as all the moldings and expansion spacers you’ll need. Also, make sure you allow yourself enough time. Just don’t rush the whole thing, and avail yourself of assistance from a friend if you can. 

On the bright side, no acclimation is required. And finally, most subfloors (such as tiles) can be accommodated. The ones that need taking out before you can start the installation include carpeting, cushioned vinyl, and floated laminate. 

Pros & Cons

TruCor Flooring Pros

  • Enormous Range Available – One of the widest ranges of wood and tile looks in the vinyl business.
  • Looks Great – Very attractive shades are offered.
  • Uniformly Good Wear Layer – 20 mil across the range.
  • Easy to Clean – For most marks, a mop and water are all that’s required. For extra oomph, you can use a steam mop. 
  • Eco-Option – Great to have an eco-option with the toughness and waterproofing of vinyl.
  • Multi-Use – You can use it in any room, from the bathroom to the basement.
  • Planks Can Be Replaced – If the worst happens, you can take out a damaged plank and put in a new one.
  • Waterproof – All of the ranges mentioned are waterproof, even the eco-friendly REFINED.
  • Good Warranties – Lifetime residential and 15-year light commercial are solid reassurances.
  • Low VOC Scores – GreenGuard Gold and FloorScore Certified. 
  • No Acclimation Needed – It’s always nice to be able to get straight on with the job.

TruCor Flooring Cons

  • Expensive – With prices nearing $10 SFT, you’re in engineered hardwood territory.
  • Installation Issues – It might be the case that it’s not quite as easy to install as TruCor claims.
  • Can’t Be Refinished – In common with all luxury vinyl, TruCor can’t be refinished in the event of damage.

Our Verdict

Style – 9 out of 10

With a diverse range of woods and an arresting collection of tiles, TruCor’s got it going on. Put simply; there will be a great-looking option for pretty much every interior decor. Just do the sensible thing and purchase a sample or two before you go all in. After all, it’s not cheap. 

Durability – 9 out of 10

Warranties are good for all of the ranges discussed, and there don’t appear to be any issues regarding TruCor’s ability to live up to them. Of course, there are niggles in the wording of the warranties, but that’s par for the course. 

The important thing is that wherever you’re thinking of installing TruCor, it should stand up to the knocks, splashes, and general wear that’s commonplace in family life. The fact that it’s also good for 15 years of commercial bashes makes it even more of a versatile performer.

Affordability – 6 out of 10

TruCor’s not an economical option. You pay for what you get and not a cent less. The upside to this is that you’re buying quality, so you’re unlikely to have to install a floor again in a particular space. Once this goes down, you’re set for life. 

Reviews – 8 out of 10

Yes, there might be installation issues. In general, however, we were struck by just how positive most of the reviews tend to be. Purchasers seem to be very pleased with both the appearance and the hardwearing nature of their TruCor floor. 

Overall Score – 8 out of 10

We gave TruCor a deserved 8 out of 10 because it would seem to be the kind of floor that you just don’t regret buying. If you can afford it, you should probably go for it, as it will withstand the usual knocks and will look great as it does so. The improvement in looks that this floor will bring is likely to result in a rise in the value of your home too, which is a nice bonus. So it could end up paying for itself, plus – who knows? – maybe a bit more. 

Final Note

We hope this review’s been helpful if you’re trying to decide whether or not to invest in TruCor. Whichever flooring product you do go for, we wish you nothing but happy steps upon it. 

Have you had any experience with TruCor? If so, we’d love to hear from you, so please use the comments box below.


Is TruCor expensive?

Compared to most luxury vinyl, TruCor’s quite pricey, especially when it comes to TruCor Prime XXL. However, it’s not as expensive as some hardwoods and is more durable, so it’s a more nuanced picture than would initially seem to be the case. 

Is TruCor waterproof?

All TruCor flooring ranges are waterproof, including REFINED, the eco-alternative.

Can TruCor be installed by anybody?

Although TruCor is suitable for DIY installation, the installer should be reasonably practically proficient and should read the instructions carefully before proceeding. 

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