7 Rustic Furniture Trends For Your Living Room

The term ‘rustic’ has become so overused these days that it is hard to differentiate whether it refers to a farmhouse décor or a Tuscan-style interior. Essentially, all rustic design means is that it appears natural, simple, and a bit rough around the edges. This aesthetically pleasing design trend can help to bring a sense of the outdoor world into your interior space, in the same way, rustic composite decking helps to ease the transition between home and garden. From furniture to lighting, there are many options that can help you bring an authentic, rustic look to your living room and make it appear more natural.

The modern interior is all about lighter tones, pastel hues, and vintage wooden furniture items. As well as making your interior look more spacious, rustic furniture can bring in a sense of warmth and nature into your home. In this article, we will outline seven unique rustic furniture and décor items to transform your living room. Let’s take a look.

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Table of Contents

    1. Wooden Storage Crates

    Rustic Furniture Storage Crates
    Image By: WineBoxesEtc

    Since the living room is a shared space, it is bound to be messy and cluttered with everyone’s own personal items. As a result, keeping this space tidy can be challenging. This is where storage spaces can come in handy. However, messy shelves or coat racks can still create visual noise in your space, so you have to ensure your storage is contained and covered. As we are going for a rustic look, a crate storage shelf is a perfect solution to keep everything tidied up and out of sight. Piling up repurposed wooden crates to form a rack is an easy way to add a sense of organization to your living room space, as well as serving as a visually appealing design piece.

    2. Retro Industrial Hardwood Shelves

    Rustic Hardwood Shelves
    Image By: NotableWoodDesign

    Adding items to your walls to prevent them from looking too bare can significantly impact the atmosphere of interior space. When going for a rustic look, adding a hardwood shelving unit can help to elevate the overall décor, and may even become the highlight of the room. Made from black metal pipes and wood, this faux-industrial item acts as both a visually stunning talking point as well as a practical piece of furniture, giving you a place to put your essentials such as car keys, books, or any small decorative items.

    3. Mid-Century Round Coffee Table

    Rustic Furniture - Coffee Table
    Image By: WayneRaskuCreations

    Centre or coffee tables are essential furniture items for living rooms. They create a focal point for your seating area, allowing for a more informal place to sit and spend time with your friends and family. When creating a rustic look, using wooden furniture is a must. A mid-century round coffee table is an especially captivating design choice. Both practical and pretty, you can place one of these tables anywhere in your living room. Made from walnut wood, this coffee table is timeless, giving you a hint of both a modern and rustic interior look.

    4. Rustic Chandelier

    Image By: AleshkaDesignShop

    Lighting matters. Poor lighting can make your space look incredibly uninviting, and no matter how much money you spend on buying accessories and decorations, your room will look more washed out and dull if not lit properly. Thankfully, you can use lighting accessories to both brighten your room and bring a rustic feel to your interior.

    An industrial lighting-themed chandelier is a great choice if you are a fan of more shabby-chic accessories. Square-shaped lamp shades attached to a repurposed metal pipe will not just brighten your room but can help to imbue your space with a modern yet vintage aesthetic. Using Edison bulbs will complete this look beautifully. These are highly durable and very easy to clean.

    Likewise, a more rustic chandelier is another amazing lighting option. Using a wooden bar rather than a metal pipe, still, with Edison bulbs attached to ropes, you can create a subtle, minimalistic design that can fit with many interior decor themes.

    5. Hammock Chairs

    Hammock Chair
    Image By: HammockChairEU

    We all remember enjoying swings as children in our gardens or public parks, but why should children have all the fun? When it comes to interesting, neutral seating options, adding a swinging hammock chair is a great option, as it can create a sense of personality and character in your space. A hammock chair made with a blend of pure cotton and polyester can become a comfortable place for you to relax and unwind in, and will easily match with other rustic furniture accessories.

    6. Bean Bag Chairs

    Bean bag Chair
    Image By: JessicaLeeDesignUK

    When it comes to organizing a seating arrangement for a rustic living room, you do not necessarily have to be too formal. Whilst an L-shape sofa or a couch is undoubtedly a must-have, adding smaller, looser chairs like bean bags can offer a further sense of comfort. This minimal addition to your living room’s interior is incredibly cost-effective and helps you make room for more people to sit if you are entertaining guests. Moreover, they do not occupy much space, making them easy to tidy away when not in use.

    7. Rustic Wooden Barn Door

    Rustic Furniture Barn Door
    Image By: OliveGroveStudioUS

    If you want to go the extra mile to create a perfect rustic interior for your living room, repurposing old wooden vintage doors can help bring your design ambitions to life. These beautifully made, vintage barn doors can give your space a homely, storybook quality and are often associated with the farmhouse decor style.

    Final Thoughts

    To conclude, there are plenty of design options available to implement a rustic design aesthetic in your living room space. The earthy tones and light color a more natural design theme provides will help to add a sense of warmth to your interior, making it more inviting. The good news is that a rustic aesthetic never really goes out of style, ensuring your home décor will remain timeless. We hope this article has given you some inspiration for your own rustic design themes. Thanks for reading!

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