Quick Step Laminate Flooring Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

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Quick Step is part of Unilin, a Belgian company that started producing flooring in 1990. Unilin’s an extremely well-known and highly regarded outfit that itself became part of US flooring goliath Mohawk in 2005. It produces a number of lines of laminate that are positioned in the mid-price region of the market. There has been a good deal of positive Quick-Step flooring reviews over the years, centering on the laminate’s wear affordability.

We’ll take a look at the product ranges before assessing their durability and pricing. Then we’ll turn to cover some of the online reviews posted, followed by a few words about ease of installation. We’ll give a handy list of pros and cons, after which we’ll tender our verdict.

First of all, a question of semantics. Is it Quick-Step or QuickStep? The internet’s full of both versions, sometimes in the same article. Even the company’s own website carries both. For consistency’s sake, we’ll mainly stick with Quick-Step.

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Flooring Range

There are two broad ranges of flooring lines in the Quick-Step laminate stable. One of them, NatureTek, contains two sub-lines: NatureTek Select and NatureTek Plus. Let’s start with these. 


NatureTek is a range of wood looks that are designed to cope with anything today’s family can throw at them. The difference between Select and Plus boils down to better waterproofing with Plus. 

Both sub-lines are split into collections, and each collection has a number of wood varieties. All the woods in a particular collection conform to the same spec. For instance, in NatureTek Select’s Leuco collection, there are six oaks, including dark Chestnut Oak and paler Sweet Cream Oak. Each of these oaks comes in planks 54” long and 7½” wide. Underlayment is provided, giving a total thickness of 10mm + 2mm padding. Edges are milled bevel. 

Turning to NatureTek Select’s Reclaimed collection, we find a range of eight oaks (yes, they like their oaks), from brooding Flint Oak to light and bright White Wash Oak. Each of these comes in planks the same size as Leuco, and the edges feature a milled bevel. No underlayment is attached. Given this, the overall thickness of 12mm is fairly notable. 

With NatureTek Plus’ Colossia collection, the oak fixation continues with ten varietal shades, including Drain Oak and rich Rainforest Oak. The collection features larger planks – 80½” x 9½” – that are 10mm thick, with no underlay. Edges benefit from GenuEdge treatment, delivering a realistic wood plank perimeter. 

The NatureTek Plus Sango collection represents something of a departure in that it comprises wood looks based on a different tree altogether. This time, it’s four shades of maple that come in planks of 54” x 7½”, 12mm thickness, and GenuEdge milling. 


This line is sold exclusively through Lowes and features a good choice of wood looks. Included in this range are some fairly interesting shades, such as Aged Hickory, Casein Bay Pine, and exotic-looking Laguna Acacia. Four of the shades are available in a special anti-microbial version. 

Studio comes in planks sized 47” x 7½”. There is an underlayment attached. The overall thickness given on the Quick-Step website is 10mm, but it should really be as indicated on the Lowes site, i.e., 10mm + 2mm pad. 

Key Features:

  • Available in a Fair Number of Options
  • Multi-Layer Structure
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Some Suitability for Commercial Use
  • Highly Durable
  • FloorScore low VOC certified and TSCA Title VI low formaldehyde compliant.


  • Flooring Name: Quick-Step Laminate
  • Thickness: Ranges from 8mm to 12mm
  • Warranty: Lifetime Residential, 5 Years Commercial
  • Commercial or Residential Use: Both
  • Installation Type: Floating
  • Underlayment Required: Some Ranges Have Attached Foam Underlayment
  • Material: Laminate
  • Brand: Quick-Step
Quick Step Laminate - Bleached White Oak
Quick Step Laminate – Bleached White Oak


At between $2 and $4 SFT, Quick-Step is firmly in the middle of mid-range laminate flooring’s usual pricing. The Lowes-exclusive Studio is clearly at the budget end of the range, with the microbial protection option costing an extra $0.40 SFT. NatureTek Plus is the priciest offering as it does enhanced waterproofing. We’ll return to this below. 

VarietyCost Per Square FootThickness
Studio$2.49 SFT10mm + 2mm pad
Studio Antimicrobial$2.89 SFT10mm + 2mm pad
NatureTek Select Leuco$3.28-$3.49 SFT10mm + 2mm pad
NatureTek Select Reclaime$3.31-$3.79 SFT12mm
Plus Sango$3.43-$3.70 SFT12mm
Plus Colossia$3.52-$3.75 SFT10mm
Quick Step Laminate Pricing

Quick Step Pricing Compared With Other Laminate Brands

BrandCost per Square FootOverall ThicknessAC Rating
TrafficMaster Laminate$1.09 – $2.19 SFT7 – 12mmAC3
Hydroshield Laminate$1.59 – $2.49 SFT8 – 12 mmAC4
Home Decorators Laminate$1.69 – $2.49 SFT10 – 12mmAC4
LifeProof Laminate$1.99 – $2.45 SFT12mmAC4
Pergo Laminate$1.99 – $2.99 SFT10 – 12mmAC4
Evoke Laminate$2.09 – $3.29 SFT8 – 14mmAC3 & AC4
Mohawk RevWood Laminate$2.39 – $3.99 SFT8 – 12mmAC4
Quick Step Laminate$2.49 – $3.79 SFT8 – 12mmAC4
AquaGuard Laminate$2.59 – $3.99 SFT12mmAC5
Republic Laminate$3.09 – $3.39 SFT8 – 12mmAC4
Shaw Repel Laminate$3.59 – $3.89 SFT12mmAC4
Mannington Laminate$3.99 SFT12mmAC4
Laminate Brand Pricing Comparison


Quick-Step has a very good reputation for durability. Its website certainly trumpets it, claiming that Naturetek gives 4 times the scratch resistance of other products on the market (10 times in this Youtube ad). It also asserts that it has great fade and stain resistance, keeping its rich color no matter what the sun, kids, and pets throw at it. 

Consequently, all Quick-Step’s ranges are covered by a lifetime residential guarantee against wear and fading. All of them are AC4 rated, which means they are suitable for all residential and some commercial settings. However, the cover given for the latter is only 5 years, which is nothing to write home about. 

Where eyebrows will be raised is the issue of waterproofing. Laminate’s usually not great with water. It’ll be able to repel a spillage long enough for you to go grab a mop, but you shouldn’t leave standing water where there’s a laminate floor. This is because water can ingress and seep into the porous core. 

This is the case with most laminates. But Quick-Step claims that their NatureTek Plus range is not like most laminates. Using a waterproof finish, combined with a revolutionary development of Uniclic technology, the boards go together to form a seal that’s impregnable to water. Quick-Step is so confident that they’ve cracked the whole laminate water problem that they give a lifetime WetProtect guarantee against water damage, both to the floor and the subfloor. 

Even the NatureTek Select range is able to withstand a fair amount of wet mistreatment – at this level, Quick-Step offers a 10-year guarantee against water damage. 

Do note however that the guarantee doesn’t cover against long-term immersion, such as you’d get in a flood or serious leak, for instance

Quick Step Laminate - White Varnished Oak
Quick Step Laminate – White Varnished Oak

Quick Step Reviews

Generally Positive

As we mentioned when we started this piece, there have been some pretty glowing Quickstep flooring reviews. Take these happy customers, for instance:

Awesome Job!!…The product was in perfect shape and looked great. 

This floor is great! Matched existing floor exactly. Easy to keep clean. 

And this commercial one:

The laminate floor looks amazing in my shop and I receive many compliments. Would definitely recommend to a friend. In fact, I already have! 

Source for all above: Bestlaminate.com

There are hundreds of reviews on the Lowe site, which are all of Studio (the only line Lowe sells). Most are ecstatic (it gets an average 4.2/5 rating), such as:

Look no further!… Love this flooring!

Has a nice shiny coat. Easy to clean. Does not scratch easy. Makes any room look spacious and neat.

Source: Lowes.com

The good stuff continues to come with Trustpilot.com:

I’ve used quickstep flooring many times & will do again in the future,the finest flooring out there,simple as that.

Source: Trustpilot.com

Unusually, there’s not that much about it on Houzz.com. One thread includes a customer’s pleasure with their new NatureTek Select:

Performed well under my scratch tests and water tests…. I love the look

Source: Houzz.com

Potential Issues?

We found two areas of moderate concern among the Quick Step laminate flooring reviews. The first is the ease of installation, which causes a fair bit of comment.

After about a day and a half of solo installation, I was able to sit back and admire my work! Looks wonderful, but goodness, my body aches. I’ve installed LVPlank before this, and it was a lot easier as far as cutting and snapping in. 

Floor looks really great after installing but be prepared for the work it requires. Floors do not click together easily and most of the time require excessive force with a tapping block and a hammer. 

Both sources: Lowes.com

Quick-Step makes a virtue of its Uniclic boards, claiming they’re simplicity itself to put together, so interesting that there are clearly difficulties faced by some. 

On the subject of what Quick-Step shouts about, their waterproofing is claimed to be far superior to other brands, which makes this review a little disappointing.

Now for the biggest issue — the warping from the water. Just from a dog drinking from his water bowl. I clean the mess immediately – water only standing to 5 minutes or so (I work from home). The edges are starting to warp after only 3 weeks of getting a puppy. 

Source: Lowes.com

Once again, the source is Lowes.com, so the complaint regards Studio, which is, of course, at the lower end of the range. We can’t find a review specifically of NatureTek Plus’ waterproofing, but we would firmly hope for something better than this. 


Laying Quick-Step is via the floating approach, i.e., the planks click into place and are held in place not by gluing down but by lateral pressure. The method is usually characterized as being easier than the glue-down method, using fewer tools and not being so messy. 

As we’ve seen, reviews have questioned the ease of installation, although one is perhaps unfair in its comparison with LVP, which is often easier to install and handle. For example, it’s a reasonably widely understood fact that you can cut LVP to fit with a knife, whereas laminate takes some sawing. 

Acclimation is recommended, although it’s possible to proceed straightaway, providing the temperature in transit and that in the installation location are no more than 25℉ different (and no more than 20% difference in humidity).

As usual with such installations, Quick-Step requires a clean, dry subfloor (a moisture test is highly recommended). Concrete subfloors need a waterproof membrane laid over them. Floor unevenness only up 3/16” over a distance of 10’ can be tolerated. 

Expansion space must be allowed for with a gap of ⅜” all around. When finished, the edge should be sealed with silicone sealant. 

Need an Installation Quote?

Lots of our readers often complain that they can’t find flooring installers in their area. We suggest you try our free estimation tool to get at least three free quotes from qualified & approved installers in your area within 24 hours.

The tool is powered by Networx, who have been helping people find qualified flooring installers for over 20 years.

Quick Step Laminate - Oiled Walnut
Quick Step Laminate – Oiled Walnut


Rules of Cleaning Quick Step Laminate Flooring

  1. Homeowners should carry out regular cleaning at least once per week; this includes gentle mopping and sweeping/vacuuming.
  2. Do not use too much water; use a damp mop instead (not dripping with water). Excess water can ruin your laminate floor.
  3. Alternatively, you can use a spray mop. Spray mops dispense a fine mist onto the floor, preventing oversaturation and spillages. We recommend the Bona Premium Hardwood Floor Spray Mop.
  4. Make sure to use a PH-neutral flooring cleaner. For Laminate, Bona Hard Surface Cleaner is a popular and highly-rated option.
  5. Any spills of acidic liquids such as wine, juice, soft drink, or liquor should be avoided and cleaned immediately.
  6. Make sure you use the correct type of vacuum. Vacuums with beater bars should be avoided. Always check for suitability for laminate before using them. We recommend the Dyson V15 Cordless Stick Vacuum.

Mistakes to Avoid when Cleaning Quick Step Laminate Flooring

  1. Don’t use a steam cleaner unless your laminate floor is steam clean approved. Most laminate floors can’t handle the high temperature of the steam.
  2. Avoid vacuuming too fast. Take it slowly, so the wheels of your vacuum don’t scratch or stain the floor.
  3. Don’t use steel wool or scouring pads for cleaning; they will scratch your floor.
  4. Avoid using cleaning products containing Wax, Oil, or Polish.
  5. Don’t use vacuums with beater bars.
  6. Avoid using all-purpose and multi-purpose cleaning solutions. These sometimes actually do more harm than good for your floor.

How to Protect Quick Step Laminate Flooring

  1. Attach Felt Pads under furniture legs; these can be found in most local DIY stores. Alternatively, you can buy them online.
  2. Place area rugs in high-traffic areas. Especially where office chairs with casters are used, they are notorious for scratching laminate floors.
  3. Avoid walking on the floor in shoes. Wear socks instead as they don’t cause wear on the laminate.
  4. Maintain a room temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This prevents moisture problems.
  5. Use doormats at entrances to avoid bringing in the dirt. Large doormats are ideal for families.
  6. If you have a dog, nail trimming will prevent them from scratching the floor. Plus, most dogs like their nails to be trimmed now and then.

Pros & Cons

Pros of Quick Step Laminate

  • Some Good Looks – Shades to suit most decor schemes.
  • Waterproofing – Not many laminates even come close to NatureTek Plus.
  • Pretty Durable – AC4 and lifetime residential leaves little room for doubt.  
  • Multi-Use – Suitable for most rooms. Best not to line the aquarium with it, though.
  • Easy to Clean – A damp mop takes care of most stains. You can use a steam mop with NatureTek Plus.
  • Damaged Planks Replaced – If there’s any damage, you can swap out the affected planks for new ones. 
  • Economical – Studio, in particular, is a snip. 
  • No Acclimation Needed – It’s recommended, but if you’re pushed, you can crack on as long as the temperature and humidity checks are satisfied.
  • Eco-Acceptable – Quick-Step uses no virgin timber in its laminate. It’s all by-product. Its operation is PEFC certified

Cons of Quick Step Laminate

  • Installation Might be Tricky – It’s worth looking into this. OK, those reviews might be unrepresentative, but they do introduce a small note of doubt. 
  • Cannot Be Refinished – If there’s a damaged section, you can’t refinish it. If it’s bad, you’ll have to replace it. 
  • No Stone or Ceramic Looks – Admittedly, most people will be looking for wood effects when they’re thinking of investing in laminate, but it’s good to have the option of something completely different.
  • Doesn’t Have the Look or Feel of Natural – In common with all laminate, it’s never going to fool people for long. How big a deal is this? Well, it’s down to personal taste.  

Our Verdict

Style – 7 out of 10

Laminate usually enchants its appearance, being more of an eye-grabber than most LVPs. Quick-Step has some nice varieties, but it has to be said that there’s a heavy leaning toward oak. This is great if you like oak. It might be nice to see a little shaking up in the range and a few more unusual varieties brought in, especially in NatureTek.  

Durability – 7.5 out of 10

Quick-Step seems to be pretty tough and will stand up to the kind of abuse a household can dish out. A lifetime residential guarantee and AC4 rating are reassuring. Not so impressive is the 5-year coverage given to commercial applications. Most will be looking for something a little longer term. After all, you don’t really want to face reflooring your commercial premises every 5 years if you can help it. 

Affordability – 8.5 out of 10

Good prices, especially with Studio. If a durable floor with a lifetime guarantee comes in at $2.50 SFT, you know you’ve got a bargain. Even the most expensive end with great levels of waterproofing isn’t silly money. 

Online Reviews – 7 out of 10

Most of the reviews are pretty impressive. You can’t argue with a Lowes product rating of 4.2 out of 5 after more than 2000 people have had their say. The installation issues sounded a slightly off note, so it might be worth considering getting some help if you have any doubts about your own ability in this area. 

Overall Score – 7.5 out of 10

When all the scores were in, Quick-Step earned for itself a 7.5, which is a fair result. It’s not got the widest selection of looks, but it offers good resilience at a very affordable price. So, if you find a shade in their range that you like, then you’ll be getting yourself some good strong flooring without having to spend big bucks. 

Moreover, the waterproofing offered by NatureTek Plus has got to be worth checking out. We’ve found no reason to believe it’s not as good as they say it is, which means it’s a serious contender for bathroom use. This makes it something of a laminate game-changer. 

Final Words

We hope this piece has given you a good grounding in Quick-Step laminate. Of course, it’s not the only player in town, so it’s worth reading up about the other laminate options before you make your final decision. Here’s hoping you find one that’s perfect for you. 

What do you think of Quick-Step flooring? Have you had any experiences with the brand? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of the page.


Is Quick-Step laminate waterproof?

The top end of the range – NatureTek Plus – has a degree of waterproofing that is ostensibly way above most laminates. However, sustained immersion in water will cause damage.

Can I lay Quick-Step laminate on stairs?

You can certainly lay Quick-Step laminate on your stairs, as long as the steps are straight and not rounded. 

Can Quick-Step laminate be used with underfloor heating?

Quick-Step laminate flooring can be laid over low-temperature underfloor heating (no higher than 27℃).

Can I glue down Quick-Step laminate flooring to the subfloor?

It is not recommended and may invalidate the warranty. 

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