Pergo Outlast Laminate Review 2023: Is It Worth Buying?

Pergo Outlast + Laminate Flooring

Pergo Outlast (or Outlast+ to give it its complete title) is a waterproof laminate material made to resemble hardwood flooring. It’s available in a wide range of colors to suit most interior looks, is made with durability in mind, and is available exclusively from Home Depot. In this review, we’ll be assessing its worth based on Looks, Durability, Pricing, Warranty, and Customer Reviews.

Pergo is a big name in laminate flooring. They should be – they invented it back in 1977 when a brainstorming group came up with the idea that would go on to change the floors of the world. Since then, the company has been through a number of changes, including being incorporated into the flooring colossus Mohawk (the world’s largest flooring company). It’s now made in Belgium, and the company forms part of Unilyn BV.

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    Flooring Range

    The Pergo Outlast+ flooring range consists of a wide selection of wood effects. There’s an impressive spectrum of wood looks, comprising 50 different varieties, from Aged Earthen Pine to Hawaiian King Koa. Oak enthusiasts are particularly well catered for, with no fewer than 33 types available. 

    Colors range from the just off-white Sand Dune Oak to the dark-as-it-sounds Pure Black Oak, with a whole bunch of rich browns in between. Hand-scraped, smooth, and textured finishes are available, with varying amounts of gloss finish. Width is from 5.23 to 7.48 inches. Some varieties, such as the Somerton Auburn Hickory, come with a multi-width appearance that enhances the natural look of the product. Length is 47.24 or 54.33 inches.

    How is Pergo Outlast+ composed? Four layers are as follows. At the bottom, there is a balance layer that provides stability. One up from this is the HDF core board, which is highly durable and made from recycled materials. On top of this is laid the design layer, which is where the wood effect is born. 

    At the very top is the wear-resistant overlay, which has two functions – to mimic the feel of wood and to protect the design layer. The thickness overall is 10mm, plus a 2mm underlayer which helps to improve the natural sound of the product. 

    Pergo Outlast+ is rated AC4, which means it’s appropriate for all residential and moderate commercial use. For the former setting, Pergo gives a lifetime warranty, and for the latter, a 10-year warranty. 

    Pergo scores highly in the sustainability stakes. It is PEFC and EPD certified, and its VOC score is very low, as demonstrated by its Nordic Ecolabel

    Key Features:

    • Available in 50 Attractive Finishes
    • 4-Layer Structure
    • SpillProtect technology gives 100% waterproofing
    • Good Thickness
    • Suitable for Commercial Use
    • Affordable Price Tag
    • European sustainability and low VOC certified


    • Flooring Name: Pergo Outlast+
    • Thickness: 10mm + 2mm underlayer
    • AC Rating: AC4
    • Warranty: Lifetime Residential / 10 Yr Commercial
    • Commercial or Residential Use: Both
    • Installation Type: Floating
    • Underlayment Required: Yes
    • Material: Laminate
    • Brand: Pergo


    At the time of writing, Pergo Outlast+ is priced between $2.84 and $3.19 per square foot. So, it’s not the cheapest compared to other top laminate flooring brands but by no means the most expensive. It is about the same cost as AquaGuard and a little less than Quick Step.

    BrandCost per Square FootOverall ThicknessWarranty
    AC Rating
    TrafficMaster Laminate$1.09 – $2.19 SFT7 – 12mm30year/noneAC3
    Hydroshield Laminate$1.59 – $2.49 SFT8 – 12 mmlifetime/10yearAC4
    Home Decorators Laminate$1.69 – $2.49 SFT10 – 12mmlifetime/7yearAC4
    LifeProof Laminate$1.99 – $2.45 SFT12mmlifetime/7yearAC4
    Pergo Outlast + Laminate$2.84 – $3.19 SFT10 – 12mmlifetime/10yearAC4
    Evoke Laminate$2.09 – $3.29 SFT8 – 14mm20/3yearAC3 & AC4
    Mohawk RevWood Laminate$2.39 – $3.99 SFT8 – 12mmlifetime/5yearAC4
    AquaGuard Laminate$2.59 – $3.99 SFT12mmlifetime/15 yearAC5
    Quick Step Laminate$2.89 – $4.59 SFT8 – 12mmlifetime/noneAC4
    Republic Laminate$3.09 – $3.39 SFT8 – 12mmlifetime/5yearAC4
    Shaw Repel Laminate$3.59 – $3.89 SFT12mm30year/noneAC4
    Mannington Laminate$3.99 SFT12mm25 / 5yearAC4
    Laminate Flooring Brand Comparison

    A selection of the different finishes of Outlast+ are priced as follows.

    BrandCost per Square FootWidth
    Toasted Almond$2.84-$2.99 SFT5.23 inches
    Natural Rebel Oak$2.84-$2.99 SFT7.48 inches
    Molasses Maple$2.84-$2.99 SFT6.14 inches
    Auburn Scraped Oak$2.84-$3.19 SFT10 – 12mm
    Paradise Jatoba$2.99 SFT5.23 inches
    Pure Black Oak$2.99 SFT7.48 inches
    Vintage Tobacco Oak$2.99 SFT7.48 inches
    Cashmere Oak$2.99 SFT7.48 inches
    Westcliffe Quartz$2.99 SFT6.14 inches
    Montage Grey Oak$2.99 SFT7.48 inches
    Applewood$2.99-$3.19 SFT5.23 inches
    Java Scraped Oak$3.19 SFT6.14 inches
    Pergo Outlast + Pricing


    Laminate floor durability comes down to four principal factors. These are the AC rating, overall thickness, warranty duration, and water resistance. 

    As mentioned, Pergo Outlast+ has an AC4 rating, which denotes good durability for all residential and some light commercial settings. These commercial settings could include cafes, boutiques, and offices. 

    Thickness is 10mm plus 2mm from the underlayer, making a total thickness of 12mm. The HDF core delivers strength, and the underlayer provides stability. The wear layer, with its SpillProtect, ScratchGuard Advanced, and PermaMax technologies, gives good wear resistance (although it is not completely scratchproof).

    The warranties that Pergo gives for Outlast+ are about average. Most flooring at this price point carries a lifetime residential warranty. The commercial warranty is more impressive, with a 10-year coverage being at the top end of what’s usual. 

    Pergo Outlast+ has great waterproofing qualities, with SpillProtect technology keeping water away from the core and base layers. The Uniclic system of installation combined with the beveled-edge construction is designed to deliver 100% waterproofing, which Pergo guarantees for life. 

    However, there’s waterproofing against spillages, and then there’s waterproofing against submersion. Outlast+ is waterproofed against spillages. 

    Pergo Outlast+ Reviews

    Outlast+ scores some pretty high reviews from a large number of satisfied customers. Most give it great durability ratings, and the waterproofing is widely praised. 

    This dog-owning reviewer found that it coped well with family use:

    Overall, we are very pleased with the floors. We’ve had the floors for a year, and they have held up well with two medium-sized dogs that are constantly testing the floor’s durability. A few scratches and dings from sharp/heavy objects—but in most cases it has been scratch proof.


    Another reviewer found that it met their high expectations:

    Very well manufactured and easy to work with. Very strong and lives up to its name.


    Less favorable reviews can be found, however, with one or two citing a less than-hoped-for durability

    Had this flooring since 2019, looks good from a distance but very hard to maintain. Already have two chips.


    Most, however, are happy with the performance of Outlast+, especially when the low cost is considered. Beyond these, there are a few pertinent comments on a Houzz discussion thread.


    Installation is relatively snag-free with Outlast+. The Uniclic system is designed to remove a lot of the problems that can be encountered with some products. As with most laminate flooring, Outlast+ is meant to be installed using the floating method, with no need for adhesive or nails. 

    Outlast+ can be installed over concrete and most subfloors that are solid and relatively level (no more than 3/16” unevenness over a 10-foot span). If you have a subfloor of wood over concrete, you should remove the wood before starting. The subfloor needs to be free from both debris and moisture. 

    Outlast+ comes complete with an underlayer, so no separate underlay is required. However, additional underlay such as Pergo FloorMate can be purchased and installed should further improved stability be required. 

    Acclimation should be allowed before installation. Upon setting the planks in place, be sure to leave a gap of at least ⅜ inches all around to allow for expansion. The gap can be filled with a foam backer rod and covered with silicone sealant. 

    Need an Installation Quote?

    Lots of our readers often complain that they can’t find flooring installers in their area. We suggest you try our free estimation tool to get at least three free quotes from qualified & approved installers in your area within 24 hours.

    The tool is powered by Networx, who have been helping people find qualified flooring installers for over 20 years.


    It’s imperative that Outlast+ is given the correct care and maintenance. Below are some tips and instructions to keep your floors looking fresh for longer.

    Keep Your Floors Clean

    Laminate flooring will benefit from being kept clean, as grit and accumulated grime will compromise its finish over time. 

    Localized accidents can and should be dealt with by a dustpan and brush, and/or kitchen towel. Always best to deal with these things as and when they happen rather than leaving them to eventually work their way into the laminate finish. 

    Use both vacuum cleaning and mopping to maintain your floor to the best effect. Always begin with vacuuming in order to be sure that you’ve removed elements of debris. When vacuuming Outlast+, it’s important to be sure that your vacuum is suitable for laminate floor use. If you can get a vacuum with a soft bristle brush attachment, this is ideal. 

    As for mopping, a damp mop is recommended, using water only or a vinegar solution, or, for tougher jobs, a very gentle household floor cleaner (such as Bona Hard Surface Cleaner). While steam mops are cited by the manufacturer as OK for use, be warned that, in our experience, they tend to result in a dull floor over time. 

    Protect Your Floor

    Thankfully, there are lots of ideas you can use to keep your floor safe from damage. Here are some of the best. 

    • Use doormats. They make a huge difference in terms of keeping gravel, grit, and other damaging particles well away from your laminate flooring. Floormats and rugs used in high-traffic areas will also be extremely helpful. Use rugs with solid backing to prevent any ingress of particles through the rug and onto the floor over time. 
    • Shoes off. This will prevent a lot of wear in general and in particular from sharp stones and other debris. Once you’ve got into the habit of taking your shoes off upon entry, you’ll wonder how on earth you were ever comfortable keeping them on. 
    • Put felt pads under furniture legs. Be sure to keep them in place underneath should you ever decide to move those heavy pieces of furniture around. 
    • When you do move your furniture around, always lift – never drag. 
    • Where felt pads aren’t suitable, consider other methods, such as a protective chair mat
    • Keep the temperature inside between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This will prevent any moisture from building up and unduly affecting the floor.
    • Keep dogs’ claws trimmed nice and neat. This will give your floor the best chance of remaining beautifully scratch-free for years to come. Should your dog not be amenable to this kind of care, there are other options available, such as dog socks. No, really.

    Repair and maintenance techniques

    • Chips and dings can be repaired with Pergo finishing putty, as included in their floor repair kit
    • Tough stains can be removed with acetone nail polish remover. 
    • Chewing gum should be removed with a blunt blade once it has hardened. 

    Pros & Cons

    Just like everything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to Pergo Outlast+. 

    Pergo Outlast+ Pros:

    • Massive range of different wood effects – with 50 different wood looks to choose from, Outlast+ has a look for you. The brand keeps up-to-date with the latest flooring trends.
    • Environmentally sound – has all the certificates to prove it. 
    • Thickness is good – with a thickness of 10mm plus 2mm underlay, Outlast+ has the thickness for the job. 
    • Installation’s relatively easy – most competent DIYers will have no trouble and can be installed over most subfloors.
    • Multi-purpose – can be used in any room, including basements, kitchens, and bathrooms.
    • Easy to clean – cleaning and maintenance are very straightforward.
    • Rated AC4 – Outlast+ is rated AC4, meaning it’s suitable for all manner of residential use as well as light commercial use.
    • Economical – From as little as $2.84 per square foot, Outlast+ will not break the bank. 
    • Water-Resistant – Outlast+ boasts good water resistance, withstanding up to 24 hours of water contact.
    • Long Warranty – The brand offers a lifetime residential warranty and a pretty solid 10-year commercial warranty.

    Pergo Outlast + Cons:

    Note: these cons are common to most, if not all, laminates. 

    • Cannot be refinished – If there is damage to the surface, this cannot be easily dealt with. It should be possible, however, to replace the offending plank with a new one. 
    • Not as shockproof as solid wood – It has to be said that solid wood gives a better performance here.
    • Doesn’t have the feel of solid wood – Real wood aficionados will not be happy with the feel of Outlast+. However, compared to some laminates, Outlast+ feels pretty good. 

    Our Verdict

    Style – 9 out of 10 points

    You can’t really ask for a wider range. And it’s not just a question of width – the range includes some quite adventurous and unusual choices (among the Antique Cherry and the Rustic Wood, there are some genuine surprises – Chestnut Beluga Oak, anyone?). The look and feel are about as authentic as laminate gets. 

    Durability – 8.5 out of 10 points

    Outlast+ certainly stays the course, courtesy of its thickness and overall build quality. AC4 ratings aren’t given out lightly, so you can be sure that Outlast+ is the real deal. However, it’s not perfect. It’s water-resistant only as long as you can get the water off within 24 hours. It’s also not completely scratch resistant.

    Affordability – 7.5 out of 10 points

    Starting at $2.84 per square foot, Outlast+ is eminently affordable. Other brands are cheaper, but whether they will deliver the same quality as Outlast+ is doubtful. 

    Online Reviews – 8.5 out of 10 points

    Reviews tend to be positive from customers who have installed Outlast+. Indeed, most would seem to be extremely happy with their purchase. 

    Overall Score – 8.5 out of 10 points 

    So, summing up, Pergo Outlast+ scored a healthy 8.375 out of 10 in our review. The product is impressive in terms of range and build quality, and it’s not over-priced. The only real drawbacks to it are true of laminate flooring in general. In short, if you’re happy with the pros and cons of laminate flooring, you’ll be delighted with Outlast+. 

    What do you think of Pergo Outlast+ flooring? Have you had any experiences with the brand? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

    Good Alternatives to Pergo Outlast

    Mannington Laminate – Mannington is a well-known name amongst US homeowners and offers a range of 60 styles of water-resistance laminate products. Their planks are 12mm thick, scratch-resistant, stable, and have an AC4 rating. The product comes with 72-hour spill protection, has a 25-year warranty, and is made in the USA from 70% recycled materials. Mannington Laminate is a highly durable yet semi-affordable option with a starting price of $4.39 per square foot.

    Mohawk RevWood Laminate – Mohawk is probably the most well-known flooring brand in the US. Mohawk RevWood planks are stylish and built for the ultimate scratch resistance. Most lines are completely waterproof, are rated AC4, and are 12mm thick. In short, RevWood performs like vinyl plank flooring and is widely considered the most durable laminate product on the market. RevWood is relatively affordable, too, with prices starting at $3.69 per square foot.


    How much does Pergo Outlast+ cost?

    Outlast+ starts at $2.84 per square foot and goes up to $3.19 per square foot. 

    Is Pergo Outlast+ waterproof?

    Pergo Outlast + is waterproof up to a point. Spills will be stopped from seeping into the core layer but must be dealt with before 24 hours have elapsed or will not be covered by the warranty. 

    Does Pergo Outlast+ require underlayment?

    Outlast+ comes with a 2mm underlayer already present, so no. However, you can add an extra underlayer if you choose.

    Do you need to leave expansion gaps when installing Pergo Outlast+? 

    When installing Pergo Outlast +, a gap of ⅜ inches is recommended all around. 

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