Paramount Flooring Review, Cost & Our Rating 2022

Paramount Flooring Review

Paramount Flooring is a US-based flooring company specializing in Solid and Engineered Hardwood and Vinyl Plank flooring and Porcelain tiles. In this Paramount flooring review, we are going to look at all aspects of Paramount and all the Paramount Flooring Reviews we found online. Let’s start by discussing the brand’s wide product range.

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    Product Range

    Paramount offers an impressively wide array of flooring in 3 different flooring types. The Brand keeps it classic with a large Hardwood catalog and a modern selection of porcelain tiles. Paramount also provides 100% waterproof flooring solutions with their RigidCORE range.


    RigidCORE is Paramount’s answer when consumers look for buying 100% waterproof Vinyl Planks. The digital imaging, print, and grain embossing give this collection a very similar appearance to hardwood flooring but with better durability and water resistance. This collection is easy to maintain and a good choice for those with kids and pets.

    The RigidCORE collection comes in different sizes and styles to satisfy the client’s needs. In Total there are 6 different variations of RigidCORE, these are; Keystone, Keystone Tile, Herringbone, Capstone, Cornerstone, and RigidCORE XL.

    RigidCORE Keystone, Capstone, and Cornerstone are very similar products, they all share similar plank sizes. Keystone and Cornerstone come in 7-inch x 48-inch planks while Capstone is slightly thinner with a 5.75-inch x 48-inch plank size. They all have a respectable wear layer with Keystone and Capstone at a large 20mm wear layer and Cornerstone slightly behind with a 12mm wear layer.

    These three types of RigidCORE are authentically painted with a wood-look finish that is then coated with a matte gloss layer of urethane which is known to be an excellent floor sealer.

    RigidCORE XL

    RigidCORE XL is basically the same as the three RigidCORE types mentioned above but has much larger plank sizes. The XL selection offers a plank size of up to 9.25 inches x 60 inches and is also slightly thicker than the above.

    RigidCORE Herringbone as the name suggests features a herringbone plank layout pattern that some consumers love. Apart from the plank layout being different the size of the planks is 5.75inch x 29.75inch. This style of RigidCORE also has a wood-look design with a matte-gloss urethane finish and a respectable 20mm wear layer.

    RigidCORE Keystone Tile is Paramount’s solution for people that look for vinyl-based tile-look products. The style features 12inch x 24inch vinyl tiles that look very similar to traditional tiles but also offer wood-look vinyl tiles of different shades. Keystone Tile is a great option for Kitchens and Bathrooms, again, the tiles are authentically painted and finished with a matte-gloss coating of urethane. As with most other RigidCORE types, Keystone Tile has an excellent 20mm wear layer making it very durable.

    All RigidCORE types feature a 1mm High-Density Foam Pad that acts as extra underlayment and stabilizer and all come with decent lifetime residential and 15-year light commercial warranties.


    TimbrCORE is an enhanced wood-based product supplied by Paramount. This selection offers vinyl-like waterproof performance but has a strong 100% wood ultra-core and hardwood looks. Paramount states that this selection comes with a scratch-resistant finish that can be a great option for those with Kids and Pets.

    TimbrCORE planks are 12mm thick, 50.87 inches long, and 7.6 inches wide, most designs are based on traditional hardwood wood species and shades. This selection comes with lifetime residential and 5-year light industrial warranties.

    Solid Hardwood

    Paramount Flooring have a beautiful range of solid hardwood, they offer a stunning set of finishes that really highlights the beauty of real hardwood flooring. In this selection you can find light and dark shades of floors made from a variety of wood species. Oak, European Oak, Walnut, Acacia, Hickory and even Brazilian Cherry floors can all be found in Paramount’s hardwood catalog.

    Paramounts solid hardwood planks are coated with a polyurethane finish and vary in thickness and length depending on wood species. This range comes backed by a 25-year finish warranty and a Lifetime Peel and Wear Warranty.

    Engineered Hardwood

    We found that Paramount stocks a wide range of engineered hardwood. The brand offers some truly stunning designs that feature different wood species and color shades. The main wood species used in this selection are Oak, Hickory, Acacia, and Maple. This range is fairly broad with 14 unique options in order to match buyers’ liking.

    Paramounts engineered hardwood is constructed by combining several layers of wood together. The planks are finished with a coat of matte urethane to improve performance. Most importantly it can be installed using the float method, unlike solid hardwood. This brand’s Engineered Hardwood range has the same warranties as their Solid Hardwood range.


    Not only does Paramount offer vinyl and wood-based flooring they also sell porcelain tiles. Their tile selection is fairly large with a total of 19 unique styles. We found the brand designs to be full of character that combines both old and new trends. The tiles come in a wide variety of sizes. All in all the Paramounts porcelain tiles is a respectable selection and worth having a look at.


    Paramounts durability scores fairly high, mainly because of the availability of 100% waterproof floor types such as RigidCore and porcelain tiles.

    Furthermore, their RigidCore range has a 20mm wear layer, a thick wear layer compared to most vinyl planks. The TimbrCore selection is also a high-performance floor option. The brand’s Solid Hardwood is probably as durable as the same wood species used to construct it. Therefore it’s a good idea to look at the Janka Hardness scale when choosing hardwood.

    Most of the flooring options listed by Paramount are also backed by respectable warranties. The only downside to the brand’s durability is the lack of a clear explanation of all the layers of their products on their website.

    Paramount Flooring Reviews

    After researching the web for Paramount Flooring Reviews we discovered that there are hardly any to be found. Therefore we can’t make a decision on the brand’s online reviews profile. However, we did find a Reddit post in which a person stated that they sell a lot of paramount vinyl flooring at the company he works for. This hints that the brand’s flooring is sold in local stores which may be why there is a lack of online Paramount reviews.

    Pricing and Availability

    Paramount Flooring seems to be pretty affordable. We found the brand’s vinyl plank range RigidCore listed for prices as low as $3.50 per square foot. This price is undoubtedly competitive in the rigid vinyl plank market keeping up with big affordable brands such as Shaw or Armstrong. Paramount hardwood floors are also quite affordable with pricing at around $4-5 per squared foot.

    You can find Paramount Flooring listed in stock on Google Shopping. Alternatively, If you prefer to collect in-store then you can use the Paramount dealer locator tool found on their website to find a local store.


    Installation is fairly simple with Paramount. RigidCORE, TimbrCORE, and the brands Engineered Hardwood can be installed using the floating method definitely the easiest installation method. This can be done by DIY enthusiasts and semi-pros. On the other hand, Solid Hardwood should be installed by a professional and can only be glued, nailed, or stapled.


    As with all flooring types care and maintenance are key to your floor’s durability and performance. To extend your floors lifetime and avoid costly damages you should follow these recommendations:

    • Avoid bringing dirt inside, ideally, you should use floor mats at your home’s entrance points.
    • Use furniture leg pads to avoid scratches, these can be found in most local DIY stores.
    • Make sure to clean all liquid spills promptly.
    • Use the right vacuum type for your floor, some vacuums will cause damage and scratches.
    • Never use bleach, oil soap, or any other potentially harsh household cleaning products. Use a cleaning product specifically designed for your type of flooring.
    • Clean your floor at least weekly.
    • Use rugs to cover high traffic areas and workstations.
    • Avoid Using steam mops unless the flooring specification allows doing so.
    • Do not expose to the sun for long periods of time and make sure your home is not too humid.
    • Do not drag heavy furniture on the floor.

    Pros & Cons

    As with all floor brands Paramount Flooring has its Pros and Cons, lets discuss these in detail starting for the brands positive side.

    Paramount Flooring Pros

    • The brand offers a variety of flooring types including Vinyl, Hardwood, and porcelain giving consumers an option for every scenario.
    • Paramount offers two 100% waterproof flooring ranges, great for bathrooms and kitchens.
    • Affordable pricing keeps its prices fairly low and competes with industry leaders on both Vinyl and Wood floors.
    • The company offers generous Lifetime Warranties.
    • The wide range of trendy designs is enough to please most consumers.
    • RigidCORE has an attached underlayment saving the buyer money.

    Paramount Flooring Cons

    • The lack of online reviews creates uncertainty among buyers. Brands with many online reviews have more credibility.
    • Not much information on the construction of RigidCORE and TimbrCORE on the companies website. Some other flooring brands are more transparent and explain the construction of their planks in more detail (layer by layer).

    Our Verdict

    Affordability – 9 out of 10

    Without a doubt Paramount is an affordable option for US homeowners. Their Vinyl range and their hardwood selection both compete on pricing with some of the affordable industry leaders such as Shaw or Coretec.

    Durability – 8 out of 10

    On paper Paramounts high performance floors such as RigidCORE and TimbrCORE look very durable. However the lack of online reviews doesn’t help, for that reason we give the brand some minus points.

    Style – 8.5 out of 10

    Clearly, the brands’ designs are stunning and truly highlight the beauty of wood designs. Nonetheless, the brand doesn’t have as many designs as some of its flooring competitors offer.

    Overall Score – 8.5 out of 10

    Conclusively we think Paramount Flooring can probably be a great choice for most consumers. The only thing that holds the brand back is the lack of online reviews. If the brand had more reviews we would probably score it at about 9 out of 10.

    Good Alternatives to Paramount Flooring

    Mohawk – Mohawk is one of America’s top flooring manufacturers. The brand’s floors are known for their high quality and longevity. Mohawk offers an extensive range of vinyl, laminate, carpet, and hardwood flooring. They give you an option of both traditional and modern styles. Most of Mohawk’s floors are made in the US, which always helps. However, Mohawk isn’t the cheapest; most of their lines are priced at just above-average compared to the rest of the market. If you’re looking for a trusted brand with lots of reviews and long-lasting floors, Mohawk is certainly one worth considering.

    Shaw – Shaw is one of the largest flooring manufacturers in the United States. The brand has been around since 1967 and offers many types of flooring, including carpet, hardwood, and luxury vinyl plank. Shaw is known for their style and a vast arsenal of products. What we like about Shaw is its diversity. They offer both premium flooring lines as well as budget options. However, you should be wary of buying their cheapest lines. We always recommend going for the thickest and most scratch-resistant options, especially when shopping for laminate and vinyl plank. 

    Mannington – Mannington is one of the leaders of the US flooring industry. The brand was founded in 1915 and has been family-owned for five generations. They offer a wide arsenal of solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, and vinyl plank flooring. Mannington is most widely known for its durability, style, and sustainability. Furthermore, most of their products, including their Adura vinyl ranges, are made from 70% recycled materials. All in all, most floor experts and contractors rate Mannington highly compared to other brands. The only downside of the brand is that most products are slightly expensive.

    Looking for a Professional Flooring Installer?

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    Is Paramount Flooring Good?

    Paramount flooring looks like a good choice when looking for vinyl-plank and hardwood flooring. Compared to its market competitors such as Shaw, Coretec, or Armstrong, Paramount is just as affordable and offers similar flooring products.

    Is Rigid Core Flooring Safe?

    It is widely known that some Rigid Core Flooring can emit harmful gasses and chemicals known as VOCs. Flooring types that emit a low amount of VOCs are usually labelled with low emission certification badges and are the ones to look for.

    Let us know what you think of Paramount Flooring and feel free to share experiences you had with the brand in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

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