Naturally Aged Flooring Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Located in Southern California, Naturally Aged Flooring™ is a company that manufactures premium quality custom hardwood flooring. This company is also known for being an exporter and distributor of good-quality luxury vinyl SPC flooring and pre-finished engineered hardwood. We have found that most people are impressed by the styles and species of engineered flooring that they feature in their collections—let’s review them in a detail! 

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    Product Range

    Naturally Aged Flooring offers a wide range of collections in its portfolio, with about 10 different product collections in total. Let’s dive into some of their most popular collections, starting from the Premier Collection.

    Premier Collection

    If you are the type of person who loves classy stuff with a luxurious look, then this premier collection is down for you. This prestigious wire-brushed white oak line is engineered hardwood, which is around 9 ½” and eight ¾” wide, so pretty wide. The refined finishing featured in this collection is hard to find in the engineered hardwood flooring industry. This collection features four different styles, and most of them are on the lighter side.

    Seafoam and White Oil give some beach vibes; on the other hand, La Jolla is more of natural brown color, and Designer Grey has its name for a reason. There’s one thing that is common in all, and that is the quality and the luxurious display with purity.

    Medallion Collection

    Let’s move on to the best-selling collection of this company, the Medallion Collection. This range features a variety of appealing species. The majority of these styles feature wire-brushed Oak boards with a variety of different colors that range from natural to gold, brown to light gray. This collection features modern designs like Gun Metal and keeps up with the ever-changing trends; it also features trendy designs like Boney Mountain with some rustic appeal. 

    When it comes to Hickory, there are around half a dozen captivating designs, and most of them are wire-brushed. If you are looking for some hand-scraped planks, then you can find them as well.  If you are looking for something with a smooth finish, you will find them in the collection. The availability of different colors and varieties in species makes this collection one of the most diverse collections that can be found in this industry. Some other interesting and jaw-dropping species from this collection include Coral, Ceral, Bonneville, Desert Shadows, Dakota, Donar Oak, Grey Mist, and the list goes on!

    Naturally Aged Collection

    The Naturally Aged collection is a supposedly affordable collection. This collection is for customers who are shopping with tight budgets and looking to cherish the beauty of real hardwood. Apart from that, these are available in a variety of different colors. 

    So, if you are one who wishes to enjoy eye-catching flooring without going too heavy on your pockets, then this collection is down for you. You can find these in nine different styles: Antique Tin, Autumn Tea, Dun, London Fog, Pacific, Palomino, Roan, Sorrel, and Whiskey.

    Wire-Brushed Series

    This company adores this finishing technique a lot, which even made them create an entire collection for the “Wirebrush series.” This collection is all about elegance and sophistication. If you, too, wish to bring class to any of your rooms, adding flooring from this collection is something you could consider. These designs measure ½” x 7 ½” and are available in a format of a sliced veneer.

    Royal Collection

    This collection showcases Hickory, oak, and maple, and their styles complement a huge range of interior settings. They feature such a quality that it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that these can last for generations. Some of the interesting styles that this collection features include Countryside, Glacier, Cliffside, Grove, Prairie, Savanna, Timberland, and Woodland. Each of these styles is unique on its own. Apart from that, all of the flooring that this collection features can be measured in ½” x 6”, and they are available in random lengths that vary from 2’ to 6’.

    Custom Flooring

    When traditional engineered flooring doesn’t attract you anymore, then it is time to take a step ahead and opt for custom flooring from Naturally Aged Flooring. This option that this company provides enables the consumers to avail of a huge range of styles as well as species. When you opt for this collection, you get the opportunity to design your own hardwood floors; what could be better than this for the “me” lovers? Not just this, you also get the ability to specify the thickness, length, scrapping as well as width. The maximum length is 12’, while the maximum width is 12.’ All you have to tell this company what you want; whether you are looking for solid or engineered, patterned or plank parquet, smooth or distressed, dyed, bleached, stained, fumed, exotic, or domestic, they can get it done for you.

    Regal + Collection (Vinyl Plank)

    This is another collection that has been recently introduced by this company. This collection calls out all those individuals who love a stylish assortment of wood-look along with designs that resemble rigid-core flooring. Apart from this, this collection features amazing properties such as resistance against water, scratches, dents, etc., and it is one of the reasons why this collection is loved the most. Regal +gives the room a depth look, and it features a simple installation method due to its 2G locking system. It doesn’t end here; it is available in a variety of different colors with two wide plank sizes. Opting for this collection would be one of the best decisions of your life. The interesting styles of this collection include the Oceana, Fireside, Aurora, Pier, Platinum, Sawmill, Fawn, Linen, Russet, and Tawny.

    Moldings & Accessories

    For the completion of every SPC/LVP flooring and hardwood order, these trim essentials are available. Moreover, these are pre-finished, so they can be matched with any of their customized floors with complete ease. This collection is made by keeping their other collections in mind, so their compatibility will be up to the mark. It includes Custom Noising and Treads, Custom Radius Treads, Solid Treads with Spanish Tile, Matching Solid Treads, Flush Top Mount Vents, Custom Radius Nosings, Pecan Treads and Risers, 8 Foot Matching Moldings, and Adhesives.

    Nightfall Naturally Aged Flooring
    Nightfall from the Wire-brushed Collection


    The majority of this brand’s products are engineered hardwood planks; this type of flooring can last up to 10-20 years if maintained well. Naturally Aged Flooring offers flooring made from a wide variety of wood species, including white oak, maple, and hickory; these are known for being quite durable wood species.

    Naturally Aged Flooring also offers rigid-core Vinyl Plank flooring; these types of vinyl planks are known for being one of the most durable options on the flooring market. In Addition, Rigid-core vinyl planks are 100% waterproof.

    As with all flooring types, both engineered hardwood and vinyl planks are susceptible to scratches; therefore, it is good to protect your flooring. Learn more about protection in the care and maintenance chapter of this article.


    Naturally Aged Flooring offers a 2-year light commercial warranty on their hardwood flooring and a 10-year light commercial warranty on their Luxury Vinyl Plank Range. As with most warranties, your flooring must meet the requirements stated on the company’s website in order for them to fulfill a claim.

    Naturally Aged Flooring Reviews

    After searching the web for Naturally Aged Reviews, we discovered that there are not many reviews to be found. We managed to find a few forum posts about their flooring with both good and bad opinions; however, it’s hard to judge the review status with such a small database.

    Pricing & Availability

    Cost and availability are areas where Naturally Aged Flooring is different. We couldn’t find any pricing information on the Naturally Aged Flooring website. The only way to know about the price of the product that you like is to simply contact this company and ask them for the prices, same for availability.


    Most of Naturally Aged Flooring’s range can be fitted using the floating method of flooring installation. This is the easiest installation method of them all and doesn’t require a professional fitter or expensive tools.

    In Addition, you can also Nail Down or Glue most of the company’s collections, but these methods are usually harder to execute. All in all, installation is pretty simple using the floating floor method.

    The Floating Floor Installation Method

    Looking for a Professional Flooring Installer?

    Lots of our readers often complain that they can’t find flooring installers in their area. We recommend you try our free estimation tool to get at least three free quotes from qualified & approved installers in your area within 24 hours.

    The tool is powered by Networx, who have been helping people find qualified flooring installers for over 20 years.


    Care and maintenance are critical for a long-lasting floor. Below are some tips and instructions to keep your floors looking fresh for longer.

    Keep Your Floors Clean

    Vacuuming and mopping your floor regularly is vital to its lifespan. Dust and dirt act as abrasive and cause scratches on the wear layer. Hence why it’s crucial to always vacuum your floor before mopping. Unfortunately, some vacuums will damage your floor, so it’s essential to only use a vacuum suitable for hard surface floors.

    As for mopping, it’s important not to over-saturate your floor. For best results, we recommend using a spray mop that dispenses a fine mist of water mixed with a cleaning solution on your floor with the touch of a button. This also avoids spillages caused by having to use a water bucket. Furthermore, it would be best if you used a PH-neutral solution. Household dish soap is fine as long as you don’t use too much soap. For best results, we recommend using Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner.

    Furthermore, it’s important to avoid using wax and polish products; these will leave a yellow residue on vinyl floors; you should also avoid all-purpose or multi-purpose cleaners as it’s often not PH-neutral. Contrary to the fact that some brands allow it, we recommend not using a steam mop. Although they are easy to use, they will cause your floor to become dull faster due to the heat. Speaking of heat, avoid exposing your floor to direct sunlight at peak hours; use blinds or curtains if necessary.

    Protect Your Floor

    There are several ways to protect your floor from damage. Below are some of the best and most common protection methods to adopt.

    • Attach large-diameter felt pads to furniture legs. This allows heavy furniture to glide smoothly on your floor without causing scuffs and scratches.
    • Avoid wearing shoes as they can bring in dirt and damage your floor. It’s best to wear socks.
    • Place rugs in high-traffic areas such as the living area.
    • Be wary of office chair casters; they can destroy your floor. Either replace them with floor-friendly blade casters or place down a protective chair mat.
    • Maintain a room temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This prevents moisture problems.
    • Place down walk-off doormats at house entrances to avoid bringing in dirt from outdoors which can scratch your floor.
    • If you have a dog, nail trimming will prevent them from scratching the floor. Plus, most dogs like their nails to be trimmed now and then.

    Pros & Cons

    Naturally Aged Flooring does really seem like a company that offers high-quality products. The wide range of modern and rustic styles and availability of Vinyl Planks gives the consumer a lot of options. The major downside is the lack of transparency in their pricing.

    Pros of Naturally Aged Flooring

    • This brand provides consumers with a wide variety of styles and finishes.
    • Naturally Aged Flooring offers Custom Flooring, exactly what you want.
    • NAF also provides consumers with decent warranties, so they can be assured about the quality that the products of this company feature.
    • The Company offers not only hardwood but also Vinyl Plank that is 100% waterproof (good for bathrooms).

    Cons of Naturally Aged Flooring

    • The Lack of Transparency in the brand’s pricing is the major downside; consumers are unsure about affordability.
    • No online orders; you must phone the company to order your chosen flooring type or enquire about pricing.

    Regal + Vinyl Plank
    Pier – Regal + Vinyl Plank by Naturally Aged Flooring

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    Overall Rating

    Good Alternatives to Naturally Aged Flooring

    Mohawk – Mohawk is one of America’s top flooring manufacturers. The brand’s floors are known for their high quality and longevity. Mohawk offers an extensive range of vinyl, laminate, carpet, and hardwood flooring. They give you an option of both traditional and modern styles. Most of Mohawk’s floors are made in the US, which always helps. However, Mohawk isn’t the cheapest; most of their lines are priced at just above average compared to the rest of the market. If you’re looking for a trusted brand with lots of reviews and long-lasting floors, Mohawk is certainly one worth considering.

    Shaw – Shaw is one of the largest flooring manufacturers in the United States. The brand has been around since 1967 and offers many types of flooring, including carpet, hardwood, and luxury vinyl plank. Shaw is known for their style and a vast arsenal of products. What we like about Shaw is its diversity. They offer both premium flooring lines as well as budget options. However, you should be wary of buying their cheapest lines. We always recommend going for the thickest and most scratch-resistant options, especially when shopping for laminate and vinyl plank. 

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