Labor Day Weekend Flooring Deals: Top 5 Brands to Consider

Wood flooring project for labor day

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With extra time on your hands this Labor Day weekend, you have the perfect opportunity to finally tackle renovating your floors. We’ve created a list of our favorite flooring brands to make shopping a breeze. These trusted brands offer a wide range of choices tailored to your needs, available through local flooring retailers nationwide.

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    Proximity Mills flooring in a child's bedroom

    Proximity Mills

    Proximity Mills offers flooring that combines value with an impressive commitment to sustainability. Operating through a direct-to-store distribution model, this brand delivers flooring that competes with luxury alternatives in craftsmanship while maintaining a reasonable price point.

    Their vinyl plank flooring collection specifically features SPC cores available in wood and tile styles and a user-friendly color-coded system for effortless selection. Boasting wear layers ranging from 12 to 22 mils, along with UV resistance and ceramic-bead infusion, Proximity Mills excels in terms of durability. This attention to detail extends across all their flooring lines, including hardwood, tile, carpet, and even machine-washable carpet tiles.

    Discover Proximity Mills flooring at a retailer near you using this tool, or opt to order samples online and have them conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Capitalize on Proximity Mill’s Labor Day sale and enjoy two free samples using the code LABORDAY at checkout.

    Liberty Home flooring in a pet-friendly and family-friendly home

    Liberty Home

    Liberty Home offers the ideal solution for those seeking elegant and functional flooring options that ship quickly and are easy to install. They are here to ensure the flooring of your dreams is effortlessly realized.

    Warranties, care instructions, and installation guidelines are readily available on their website for all the flooring options they provide. Liberty Home is genuinely dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. With a genuine commitment to quality and user-friendliness, they have simplified the flooring journey.

    Exclusively accessible through certified local flooring experts, Liberty Home products offer accessible premium choices that elevate your living space. Locate a Liberty Home retailer near you by clicking here.

    Elegant Doma hardwood in a modern kitchen


    Doma is a boutique flooring brand known for its bold and stylish designs. Its slogan encapsulates the brand: “Where fashion meets flooring.” Their daring and trendy visuals breathe new life into an industry sometimes lacking originality.

    We particularly love Doma’s distinctive hardwood range. The brand is dedicated to producing an array of planks that showcase the latest design trends while accommodating common installation techniques. Intentionally crafted with a strong emphasis on quality, Doma’s hardwood floors feature strong cores that enhance stability. They are complemented by an assortment of finishes and integrated underlayments, minimizing the need for additional purchases.

    Elevate your home with the warmth and elegance only hardwood can provide. Rely on Doma’s legacy of craftsmanship and innovation to transform your interiors. Find a Doma retailer near you by clicking here.

    Luxury Fabrica carpet in an American home


    Fabrica has earned its reputation as a renowned luxury flooring brand, celebrated for creating beautiful carpets, rugs, and hardwood floors that evoke elegance. The brand stands out for its commitment to excellence and sustainability. Each flooring piece bears Fabrica’s hallmark of dedication to perfection.

    Fabrica’s appeal also extends to its eco-friendly practices, utilizing sustainable materials and eco-conscious manufacturing processes. The brand’s products cater to various tastes and budgets, exemplifying luxurious flooring solutions that seamlessly blend excellence with environmental responsibility.

    Their collections are available through local retailers for those who aspire to elevate their living spaces. Locate a Fabrica retailer near you by clicking here.

    Affordable laminate flooring in a living space


    Newton‘s collection of budget-friendly flooring options masterfully combines quality and savings. These selections provide cost-effective solutions without compromising reliability. If you’re searching for wallet-friendly flooring choices this Labor Day weekend, we encourage you to explore Newton’s impressive array of laminate styles.

    Newton offers many laminate flooring options, with nearly 50 distinct products for your consideration. These options are all either water-resistant or completely waterproof, showcasing the brand’s strong emphasis on practicality. Additionally, every Newton laminate product adheres to low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) standards and proudly carries certifications such as GreenGuard Gold and/or FloorScore. This ensures that you can confidently install these laminates in your home, free from concerns about safety or sustainability.

    Altogether, Newton’s laminate range provides exceptional value. If you’re curious to learn more about these great options, take the next step by locating a Newton dealer near you.

    Embrace Labor Day with Confidence

    These excellent brands that we’ve showcased cater to a wide range of needs. When you find the one that’s right for you, we’re sure you’ll be happy for years to come. These brands encompass a a lof of the same great ideas from sustainability-driven choices to effortless elegance, stylish luxury, masterful craftsmanship, and budget-friendly reliability. When you’re searching for Labor Day sales this weekend, be sure to check out Proximity Mills, Liberty Home, Doma, Fabrica, and Newton at retailers near you.