Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Flooring Review 2022

Home Decorators Collection LVP

The Home Decorators Collection Vinyl is a large range of Vinyl Plank flooring sold and supplied by The Home Depot. The Home Decorators Collection was a brand itself that supplied various home decor products, that was until 2006 when it was acquired by Home Depot. The collection is largely known for being affordable and fairly durable. In this Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Review, we are going to see if the Home Depot line is what people say it is.

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    Product Range

    Home Depot has really done a good job with giving the customer lots of options, the Home Decorators Collection has over 70 available flooring products. The selection consists of mainly grey, brown, wood-look, and white vinyl plank floors with varying plank sizes and wear layers (from 6 to 20 Mil). The vast majority of the products are listed as scratch, stain, and skid resistant, additionally, some non-slip floor options are also available.

    Overall the vinyl plank product range offered by Home Depot is large and has lots of options for everyone. The only thing it lacks is stone-look designs but apart from that, it’s a really nice selection.

    Key Features

    Some of the main key features of Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Planks are;

    • 100% Waterproof Vinyl Plank
    • Pre- Attached Underlayment
    • Wear Layer – 6 to 20 MIL
    • Easy Drop and Lock Installation System
    • Can be installed over most surfaces including Tile, Concrete, Wood and Vinyl.
    • Authentic Designs
    • Lifetime Residential Warranty and 5-year commercial warranty.
    • No Acclimation Required


    As seen above some of the key features indicate that Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Planks have good durability properties. For instance, the wear layer is a clear protective coating that prevents any wear and tears to show on the floor, it’s a good indicator of durability on Vinyl Plank floors.

    Home Decorators Collection offers Vinyl Plank with wear layers as thick as 20 MIL, the industry standard for good vinyl plank flooring. When buying the brand’s flooring from Home Depot, the customer should always consider the wear layer, not just the price.

    Another key feature that adds to Home Decorators Collection durability is its 100% resistance to water which means that the plank will not expand, shrink, warp or buckle after spillages or in high moisture environments.

    The Home Decorators Collection vinyl planks also come with a Lifetime Residential Warranty and a 5-year Commercial Warranty which is pretty good compared to its rival flooring brands.

    Overall we must say that Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Planks have good durability, however, we can only say that about the 20MIL wear layer options offered by the brand. The flooring options with a wear layer of less than 20MIL may not be as durable.

    Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Reviews

    After extensively scouting for Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Reviews online we found the majority of reviews on the Home Depots website.

    In fact, we found a huge amount of reviews on their site with some of the products having over 2800 unique reviews in total. All of the Home Decorators Vinyl Plank products scored an average of over 4 out of 5 stars.

    Home Decorators LVP Reviews

    When looking at the LVP products with over 2800 reviews we found that 1919 of these reviews scored 5 out of 5 stars and only about 150 reviews scored 1-2 out of 5 stars.

    One of the 5-star reviewers stated;

    Did both the upstairs and down with True Cherry planks. 1500 sq ft in all. Product was in perfect shape no damaged pieces in over sixty boxes. I really like Home Decorators click and lock design. A patient person can get a professional job. It takes a limited number of tools to accomplish the installation, but a saw to cut around the door casing is about necessary for a neat job.

    Whilst on the other hand an unhappy customer wrote;

    Doesn’t snap together like Allure or other high end products. Many of the end seams didn’t go together well. If I could do it again, I would spend a little extra on better materials.

    We also found several discussions on forum websites such as houzz.com with both positive and negative reviews. However, a lot of these negative reviews are due to things like bad installation and too-high expectations.

    Overall the online reviews profile of Home Decorators Collection LVP is very good due to the huge number of positive reviews. We think that the brand’s flooring can be a great choice for those looking for affordable pricing, so let’s discuss pricing and availability in the next part of this article.

    Home Decorators Collection Pricing

    The major benefit of the Home Decorators Luxury Vinyl Plank is its cost. Prices of some products are as low as 1.79$ per Sq. Ft and only as high as $3.29 per Sq.Ft for their most expensive line. Even the flooring products with thick 20MIL wear layers sell for as low as $2.39-$2.79 per Sq.Ft.

    Considering the wear layers Home Decorators Vinyl Planks are some of the most affordable floors on the market that have decent durability. Home Decorators Collection LVP’s are cheaper overall than leading vinyl plank brands such as Shaw, Coretec, Mohawk, or Cali Bamboo.

    Home Decorators Vinyl LinePrice per Square FootWear Layer Thickness (Mil)Attached Underlay?
    Natural Oak Washed 6×48 Vinyl Plank$1.79 per Sq. Ft12 MILYes
    McKinney Walnut 7.20×42 Vinyl Plank$2.39 per Sq. Ft20 MILYes
    Arkansas Oak 7.20×42 Vinyl Plank$2.79 per Sq. Ft20MILYes
    Java Hickory 6×36 Vinyl Plank$1.79 per Sq. Ft8MILYes
    Silver Key Beach 7.20 x 42 Oak Vinyl Plank$2.39 per Sq. Ft6 MILYes
    Home Decorators Collection Pricing


    Home Decorators Collection flooring can be bought in most local Home Depot stores. Alternatively, you can order flooring online from the HomeDepot website and have it delivered to your house.


    Home Decorators Collection vinyl planks can be installed using a fairly easy Click-Lock installation system (floating method). They can be installed over Concrete, Plywood, Tile, Wood, and Vinyl. However, this does also require tools such as an electric saw for cutting the planks to shape in difficult areas around doors.

    Before you start installation make your sub-floor on which the new floor is getting laid on is flat throughout and has no rot or damp issues.

    If your old wood floor is uneven you can screw down large ( at least 9mm thick) plywood boards to level out the surface and create a better subfloor.

    It is important to leave (mm) expansion gaps between the edge of your new floor and your skirting boards (meaning you need some trim to hide the gap), sometimes it’s better to take off or replace the skirting boards and install them back on after installation has been completed.


    Care and Maintenance are key to the durability and performance of your floor. To extend the lifetime of your vinyl plank floor and prevent damage you can follow these recommendations;

    Regular Maintenance

    • Regulary sweep/vaccum and mop the floor to remove any particles which can cause scratching.
    • Use a damp mop to remove spots.
    • Make sure to use a PH neutral flooring cleaner.
    • Any spills of acidic liquids such as wine, juice and soft drink should be avoided and cleaned immediately.
    • Avoid any spills of other harmful chemicals such as paints and dyes.

    Our favorite laminate flooring mop is the Bona Spray Mop by far. We highly recommend it for all Hard-Surface floor types. It’s lightweight and doesn’t oversaturate your floor or require a water bucket. 

    If you’re after a vacuum, then we recommend the Eureka Elevate Cordless Vacuum. It’s our favorite choice, quite affordable, and doesn’t hurt hard-surface floors.


    • Do not use all purpuse or multipurpose cleaners.
    • Don’t use vaccums with rotary beater bars.
    • Do not use Vinegar, Bleach.
    • Don’t use wet sweeper pads.
    • Do not use a steam cleaner.
    • Don’t use steel wool or scouring pads for cleaning.
    • Do not use cleaning products containing Wax, Oil or Polish.

    Prevent Damage

    • Attach Foam Pads under furniture legs, these can be found in most local DIY stores. Ask for furnture leg pads.
    • Place rugs in high traffic areas such as workstations and family sofas.
    • Avoid walking on the floor in shoes. Wear socks.
    • Use door matts.

    Pros & Cons

    Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Pros;

    • Price – The various Home Decorators Vinyl Lines cost around $2 per square foot on average, therefore they are some of the most affordable options of luxury vinyl flooring on the market.
    • Good Wear Layer thickness – some of the Home Decorators Collection lines have a 20 MIL wear layer which is pretty good in LVP standards. Additionally, these are also quite cheap starting at only $2.39 per square foot.
    • Waterproof – The brands vinyl planks are 100% waterproof meaning they can be installed in all areas of the house including bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. However we wouldn’t recommend putting Vinyl Planks down in walk-in showers where they receive constant water, better to go with tiles for that option.
    • Underlay – Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Planks come with a pre-attached underlayment meaning you don’t have to spend extra bucks for that as with laminate flooring.
    • Good Online Reviews – The Home Decorators Collection has over 2800 reviews on the Home Depot website. These average 4 out of 5 stars.

    Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Cons;

    • Overall Thickness – The overall thickness of Home Decorators vinyl flooring is 4-5mm, which is much thinner then leading brands such as Coretec (8-9mm overall thickness).

    Our Rating

    Affordability – 10 out of 10 stars

    Durability – 8 out of 10 stars

    Style – 8.5 out of 10 stars

    Overall Rating8.83 out of 10 stars

    To Conclude we think Home Decorators Collection vinyl planks are one of the best options for affordable vinyl plank flooring that also has decent durability. We would recommend these to the Budget buyer.

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