12 Charming Farmhouse Decor Ideas For Your Home

Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas

The Farmhouse Home Decor style has always been popular amongst homeowners in the US. This interior style can add tons of character to a plain-looking home, making it feel warmer and more homely. In this guide, I will go through the most popular farmhouse home decor trends and ideas in 2022.

Based on barn looks, the farmhouse style aims to decorate your house with items often associated with farming. Styles like rustic and country chic are also considered farmhouse home decor due to the visual similarities.  Keep scrolling to discover twelve unique farmhouse decor ideas, as well as our recommendations, descriptions, and DIY guides for each trend.

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    1. Farmhouse Mirrors

    Image By: rustymill

    First on my farmhouse list of trends are these awesome farmhouse mirrors. Most commonly, farmhouse mirrors are artistically handcrafted with real hardwood. Available in most stains and colors, including the popular whitewashed style, farmhouse mirrors add a lot of character to your home.

    Farmhouse mirrors come in various shapes, including square, arched and rectangular. Furthermore, farmhouse mirrors are often combined with farmhouse shutters to create the ultimate farmhouse look. Farmhouse shutters are also on our list; keep scrolling down to see what makes them special too.

    Can you DIY Farmhouse Mirrors?

    It is possible to make farmhouse mirrors yourself; however, it does require some intermediate woodworking skills. Watch this video to see how it’s done.

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    2. Barn Doors

    Next on my list of farmhouse trends are barn doors which have always been one of the staples of the farmhouse decor style.

    Barn doors are literally doors that look like they have been taken out of a farm barn. Most barn doors are sliding doors; they usually come with a metal rail. Furthermore, they are often finished in a dark wood stain and are made from solid hardwood.

    People love barn doors for their rustic appearance; they can completely transform a room. Barn doors look especially stunning in large light areas such as an open-plan living room.

    Can you DIY Barn Doors?

    Barn doors are quite expensive, so making one yourself can save you money. However, making a barn door requires the right tools and intermediate woodworking skills. Watch DIYwithRick’s step-by-step guide to see how it’s done.

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    3. Light Fixtures

    Image By: AleshkaDesignShop

    Light fixtures can completely change the atmosphere in any room, and many styles, such as rustic, vintage, and medieval, fit well with a farmhouse concept. Most farmhouse light fixtures feature characterful wood, antique bulb holders, metal chains, and sometimes ropes and mason jars.

    Farmhouse light fixtures do well in all house areas but look particularly awesome in open-plan areas such as living rooms or kitchens.

    Can you DIY Farmhouse Light Fixtures?

    Light fixtures are not as hard to make as they seem; however you must be able to do some basic electrical work and have some essential tools, including a drill. Most farmhouse fixtures require some sort of wood block. Dieter Schneider used copper pipes and roughened up a piece of timber in his DIY Farmhouse Style Chandelier guide.

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    4. Farmhouse Shelves

    Image By: honeymintshelfco

    If you have a plain wall that needs more character, perhaps you should consider these beautiful farmhouse shelves. These shelves are another farmhouse trend that’s been popping up recently.

    Like most farmhouse-style decor additions, farmhouse shelves are usually made using solid timber that’s been roughened up and then stained for a rustic look.

    Many farmhouse shelves make use of old industrial plumbing pipes that are used as shelf brackets to give it that extra vintage look.

    Can you DIY Farmhouse Shelves?

    Making your own farmhouse shelves is definitely much easier than making barn doors or farmhouse mirrors. All you need is some characterful plain timber to stain and some antique-look metal brackets. Jasmine Picott made her farmhouse shelves for under $15, watch her DIY guide to see how it’s done.

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    5. Decorative Shutters

    Image By: BarnwoodUSAHomeDecor

    There’s nothing that screams farmhouse more than decorative shutters. Shutters have been used for over 500 years to control the amount of sunlight in a room or simply for privacy. However, nowadays, there mostly used for decorative purposes.

    Farmhouse shutters look great both indoors and outdoors. They are usually made from reclaimed wood and have either a dark hardwood rustic or a distressed whitewashed appearance. Both of these styles can transform your house into a charming farmhouse cottage.

    Shutters can work well in all areas of your home. Many like to hang a rustic picture frame between the shutters to add even more warmth and coziness to their home.

    Can you DIY Farmhouse Shutters?

    Making your own farmhouse shutters is actually pretty simple. However, you need some wood boards of the same width and thickness. You can use almost any type of wood; even recycled pallet wood works great. You can use different stain colors or even roughen the wood before staining for added rustic appeal. Watch this DIY Pallet Shutter Guide by the Daily DIYer for more insight.

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    6. Farm Signs

    Image By: TailoredCanvases

    Farmhouse signs are another form of wall decor that can add flavor to a plain-looking wall. Typically they showcase a family name which is great if you actually have a farm or even if you don’t. These farm name signs can be personalized with your own family name, date, and location.

    Other examples simply spell farmhouse in an antique style font showcased in a rustic picture frame. Personalized farmhouse signs work great in all areas of the house but do particularly well near your house entrance.

    Can you DIY Farmhouse SIgns?

    Farmhouse signs are typically printed onto a canvas requiring specialized printing equipment; therefore, it’s best to leave it for the professionals. However, if you want to see how it’s done, check out Christy Cain’s DIY Guide.

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    7. Farmhouse Tables

    Image By: StevensFarmhouse

    Farmhouse tables are another popular trend in 2022/23. These solid wood tables made from species such as Oak, Pine, and Hickory can add a touch of nature to your home.

    Most farmhouse tabletops are finished in a dark hardwood stain with their legs finished in a whitewashed style, adding a rustic yet modern feel. Some of these tables are super long, measuring up to 10 feet, perfect for a dining room.

    Can you DIY Farmhouse Tables?

    To save money, you can make your own farmhouse table, although the cost largely depends on the cost of the tabletop. Most solid wood tabletops are expensive when made from a single piece of wood. To lower the cost, you can use thinner boards and join them together. See how Triple L Rustic Designs made their farmhouse table and used polyurethane to protect it in their Easy Farmhouse Table Build.

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    8. Other Wall Decor

    Image By: JarfulHouse

    Farmhouse wall decor is a fantastic way of adding something interesting to a plain wall. Farmhouse shutters, mirrors, signs, and shelves are all classed as wall decor, but there are many other farmhouse wall decor ideas.

    Rustic picture frames showcasing drawings or printouts associated with old farming are one of those wall decor ideas. Additionally, decorated mason jars hung from reclaimed wood boards work really well as farmhouse plant holders.

    Can you DIY Farmhouse Wall Decor?

    There are many farmhouse wall decor items you can make yourself without needing large machinery and on a budget. Check out Liz Fenwick’s Top 10 Farmhouse DIY’s guide for more insight.

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    9. Farmhouse Beds

    Image By: HomesteadCrafters

    Now it’s time for something specifically for the bedroom… farmhouse beds. These characterful beds can enhance your daily sleeping experience with a touch of natural hardwood charm.

    Most farmhouse bed types are made from reclaimed acacia, oak, maple, hickory, or pallet wood. Often combined with classic farmhouse home decor features such as rustic bulb holders, ropes, and fence-style backboards.

    Can you DIY Farmhouse Beds?

    Buying a farmhouse bed online can be expensive; therefore, making your own one can save you a lot of hard-earned cash. However, making one still requires a lot of wood, the right equipment, and good woodworking skills. Watch Twisted Pine Woodworking’s DIY Timelapse to see how he made a stunning farmhouse-style bed.

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    10. Antique Farm Equipment

    Image By: ComfortWorkRoom

    Adding a piece of history can certainly add something special to your home. Antique farm equipment is often used to enhance home decor and works well with the farmhouse concept.

    Items such as old pitchforks, shovels, chaff cutters, breast plows, hoes, rakes, cartwheels, and hooks are just some common examples. However, it doesn’t have to be farming-related. Antique industrial work equipment such as vintage sewing machines and antique woodworking tools also work a treat.

    Can you DIY Antique Farm Equipment?

    You can’t DIY antique farm tools as their whole concept is that they are old relics and can’t be reproduced. The best way to find some affordable farm ‘junk’ is by talking to your local farmers to see if they have anything old lying around.

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    11. Farmhouse Jugs

    Credit: ArtfullySaidNC

    Another popular addition to any interior style are jugs, and many of them work amazingly well with farmhouse home decor.

    Most farmhouse jugs are either metal or ceramic jugs that are old or finished with a dated appearance with fading paint. These jugs are ideal for holding freshly cut flower bouquets, adding even more nature and a pleasant odor to your home.

    Can you DIY Farmhouse Jugs?

    The ideal farmhouse jug should be old and either ceramic or metal. Sometimes old jugs may need a little TLC to make them look ‘farmhouse.’ However, finding old jugs can be challeging, and there are ways to make new jugs look vintage or make them from other materials. Watch this DIY Farmhouse Milk Jug Guide to see how Rachel’s Antique Crafts made hers from two plastic buckets.

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    12. Farmhouse Clocks

    Image By: FarmhouseClockCo

    Last but not least on my list of farmhouse home decor ideas are farmhouse clocks, another potential addition for even more country farmhouse flavor to your living space.

    Most of these farmhouse clocks use old roman numerals and have a natural hardwood or whitewashed finish with a ‘dated paint’ effect. Many of them also have labels such as ‘established in 1864’, and some shops even allow you to customize your farmhouse clock with your established date or family name.

    Can you DIY Farmhouse Clocks?

    There are many ways to make your own farmhouse clock. Most people use four or five wood boards, glue them together, and then cut them into a circular shape. It’s best to sand down the wood and stain or paint it with a finish of your liking. See how Wood Dufus made an awesome clock in his DIY Large Farmhouse Clock Guide.

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    Final Thoughts

    You’ve reached the end of our farmhouse home decor guide. We’ve essentially given you 12 ways to transform your plain interior into a charming farmhouse-style design. Now, I know you guys have many other farmhouse decor ideas, so feel free to share them in the comment section at the bottom of the page. On a final note, thanks for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article.


    What is the Best Flooring for a Farmhouse Interior?

    As a flooring blog, we often get questions on which flooring is best for a home decor style, including farmhouse. I’ve found that dark hardwood-style floors are the best fit for a farmhouse-themed interior. Many flooring types have a dark wood appearance. Laminate and vinyl plank floors are both available in dark hardwood styles and are known for being more water resistant and cheaper than natural hardwood.

    Is Farmhouse Out of Style in 2022?

    The farmhouse home decor style is still a popular option and will continue to be in the coming years. Rustic looks featuring natural hardwood are timeless, and there will always be people who love the farmhouse concept.

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