Duravana Flooring Review 2023: Is It Worth Buying?

Duravana Flooring Review (Tacoma Oak)

It’s not often that a brand comes along that seems to offer something genuinely different. Duravana flooring would appear to be that rare thing: a waterproof flooring option that’s eco-friendly. It does this through a combination of being constructed from wood but with treatment that succeeds in allowing the floor to shrug off water as well as some of its less environmentally-amicable counterparts.

We’ll take a close look at the range that’s contained within LL Flooring’s Duravana brand, as well as check out its durability and price. We’ll then see what online Duraline flooring reviews are saying before looking at any installation issues that might pertain. Finally, we’ll conclude by handing down our verdict. Right, let’s get started.

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If you’ve read other reviews for Duravana, you’ll find we’re about as impressed as the public. Here are some better alternatives worth considering:

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Flooring Range

So, the first question is: what is Duravana flooring? Is it luxury vinyl, laminate, or something else altogether? Well, it’s classed as a hybrid, which doesn’t tell you much by itself. The thing with hybrid flooring is that the term can refer to a number of different flooring types, including the now somewhat unpopular SPC. 

This is characterized as different from the hybrids we’ve seen up to now. Dig some more, and we discover that it’s a ‘super-plank’, combining the best bits of vinyl with the strengths of laminate and the feel of wood. 

That sounds amazing. How’s it built? This isn’t that easy to discern. It seems to be the case that it’s a multi-layer structure built around a solid wood core with an authentic wood-look surface. The composition is held together and given stability with the use of lamination. The wooden core delivers a greater level of comfort than a lot of flooring materials. 

So, it’s a cross between three types of flooring, which gives, for example, the waterproofing of vinyl. But, and here’s the really great bit, it’s totally PVC-free, which makes for a much more eco-friendly product than is usually the case with LVP. 


Let’s start with what may well be your first area of interest – how does it look? Eco-friendly waterproof resilience is all very well, but if it doesn’t have the looks, then you’ll start to think about other options. 

Well, the good news is that Duravana looks amazing. The wooden appearance is exceptionally authentic, with 20 unique plank patterns, so you can be all but certain to avoid adjacent repetition. 

In terms of finish, there are two options. One grouping of seven has authentic graining (EIR – which means Embossed In Register, which in turn means that the manufacturer has used a process to deliver the look and feel of real wood grain). The other grouping of eleven has been given the wire brush treatment, delivering a slightly more lived-on character. 

Wood Looks

The woods in the range are diverse and interesting. OK, the 18 varieties may be restricted to oak, cherry, and maple, but the shades are what attract the attention. 

Oak makes up most of the range, coming in the beautifully rich and dark Tacoma Oak, the restrained charms of Sagrada Oak, as well as the standard mid-tones of Red Oak. The maple contains our favorite option: Tuscan Maple, a convincing rendering of tastefully distressed hardwood. 

Key Features:

  • Available in 18 Different Wood Looks
  • Multi-Layer Structure
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Suitable for Commercial Use (SmartCore Pro)
  • Highly Durable
  • Wood from FSC-Managed Forests
  • GreenGuard Gold low VOC Certified


  • Flooring Name: Hybrid Resilient Flooring
  • Thickness: 7mm (+ 2mm attached pad)
  • Warranty: Lifetime Residential, 25 Years Commercial
  • Commercial or Residential Use: Both 
  • Installation Type: Floating
  • Underlayment Required: Pad Supplied Already Attached; Extra Can Be Applied
  • Material: Vinyl/Wood/Laminate Composite
  • Brand: Duravana


There are two different prices for the Duravana range. Two of the varieties come in at $3.89 SFT, and the rest are $4.49 SFT. There appears to be no clear reason for the disparity, with all the varieties giving the same performance and spec.

At this level, Duravana is positioning itself in the mid-to-high vinyl price bracket, so you’d expect a fairly good performance, especially in terms of durability. We’ll turn to that next.

VarietyCost per Square FootOverall ThicknessPlank Size
St Peter’s Oak$3.89 SFT7mm + 2mm pad50.63” x 7.56”
Sterling Summit Oak$3.89 SFT7mm + 2mm pad50.63” x 7.56”
Urban Mist Oak$4.49 SFT7mm + 2mm pad50.63” x 7.56”
Hamburg Harvest Oak$4.49 SFT7mm + 2mm pad50.63” x 7.56”
Brazilian Cherry$4.49 SFT7mm + 2mm pad50.63” x 7.56”
Duravana Flooring Pricing

Duravana Pricing Compared With Other Brands

Product NamePrice per Square FootOverall Thickness
Home Decorators Collection LVP$1.794 – 4.2 mm
DuraLux Performance$1.49 – $3.494 – 5 mm
LifeProof Vinyl Plank$3.41 – $4.596.5 – 8 mm
NuCore RigidCore 8mm$3.798 mm
Duravana Flooring$3.89 – $4.499 mm
Mohawk SolidTech Plus$4.356 mm
Armstrong Luxe Plank$4.39 – $4.797.8 mm
Mannington Adura Max$5.49 – $5.998 mm
Coretec Plus Premium$6.49 – $7.4912 mm
Cali Vinyl Legends$6.4912 mm
Shaw Floorte Classic$6.9912 mm
Coretec Grande$9.9915 mm
Duravna compared to Vinyl Plank Brands on Price


The manufacturer claims that Duravana has durability that puts both vinyl and laminate in the shade. Dent and scratch resistance are held to be superior to both, which is quite something to claim. If this is entirely true, then Duravana could be a winner. 

Waterproofing is as good as luxury vinyl, in other words, 100%, because of what’s called Dual Defense technology, which boils down to a waterproofed plank combined with a watertight seal when installed and locked in place. However, the manufacturer does advise that flooding and exposure to serious leaks will have an effect on the flooring in time. It doesn’t specify what the effect could be, but anticipate at least a discoloring, at worst, some degree of structural ingress. 

If it were luxury vinyl at this price point, you’d be expecting a lifetime residential and at least a 10-year light commercial warranty. Does it compare? Definitely. The lifetime residential warranty is present and correct, together with a 25-year light commercial guarantee. This is impressive stuff. The main reason for this is its wear layer. You’d be expecting a thickness of 20 mils. Duravana gives 30 mils, which you can’t really argue with. 

With it being a hybrid, Duravana isn’t rated in the same way as laminate flooring, but in a FAQ answer, LL Flooring cites an equivalence to AC5, in other words, suited to all residential and most commercial applications. 

Duravana Flooring - Red Oak
Duravana Flooring – Red Oak

Duravana Reviews

So, we’ve got what looks like a very impressive product. You’d be expecting user reviews to be off-the-scale. The truth is a little more varied in character. 


Good reviews certainly exist, such as these:

6 months in and very happy so far. dropped a hammer and jelly jar on it this week and no dents! 

Source: Houzz.com 

We have dogs, cats and 10 acres so we needed a floor that could last and hold up to the traffic in home. We have had oak plank in the past which our pets and people were really hard on. The installation just completed and we are over the moon about how our home looks now. 

Source: Llflooring.com

Perhaps the single most glowing review is concerning its waterproofing:

(A) poured water on them – over the joint & let it sit for 24 hours — NO DAMAGE

(B) poured vinegar on it for 24 hrs- believe it or not, NO DAMAGE ( visibly as I’m almost certain any acid will cause accumulative damage over time as it softens. I did this to simulate dog urine)

( C) Placed them in my bathtub & poured a few gallons of water on top and let it sit for 24 hrs- NO DAMAGE.

Source: Houzz.com


However, there are plenty of less glowing reviews too. One of the repeated criticisms is a reported tendency to break during installation. 

You have to cut it with the miter saw you can’t with the razor blade slows you down a whole lot. Very weak Locking System it breaks cheap padding underneath built very cheaply. I’m installing some for a customer now and the sucks I think it’s worse than laminate.

Source: Reddit.com

Some of the boards cracked and peeled. This is extremely disappointing and should not happen.

Source: Llflooring.com

Others have cited disappointment with the flooring’s vulnerability to damage once laid down:

We have multiple chips, cracks and break from EVERYDAY USE after having them for only a month. 

Source: Llflooring.com

There are plenty of reviews like this on the LL Flooring website, and while it’s always laudable for a company to publish negative reviews, warts, and all, some of the flooring varieties struggle to reach an aggregate of 2 stars. While installation woes form a part of this, many problems are to do with an inability to deal with everyday use. This is a concern. 


Installation is via the floating method, with an angle click technique required to form the water-tight seal between planks. An example is given in Duravana’s installation video.

All pretty standard stuff. Remember to leave an expansion gap (it’s wood-based, so there will be a little change in size as time goes by), and if installed on a concrete subfloor, make sure you lay down an impermeable barrier to guard against moisture ingress from below. 

Although it comes with an attached pad, an underlayment such as LL Flooring’s Tranquility Ultra can be deployed to improve soundproofing and general comfort levels. 

At this point, we’d like to return to the many reviews that tell of difficulties with installation. There are certainly lots of issues here, but it could simply be that the installers weren’t paying enough attention to the instructions, which advise the use of a bridge plank to keep the planks square when laying. This could make all the difference to the breakage problems that are repeatedly reported, so well worth remembering. 

Finally, as with most vinyl and laminate, installation should not be attempted where heavy units are to rest, as this can interfere with the expansion and retraction of the floor in response to temperature fluctuation. 

Need Help With Installation?

Lots of our readers often complain that they can’t find flooring installers in their area. We suggest you try our free estimation tool to get at least three free quotes from qualified & approved installers in your area within 24 hours.

The tool is powered by Networx, who have been helping people find qualified flooring installers for over 20 years.

Duravana Flooring - Hamburg Harvest Oak
Duravana Flooring – Hamburg Harvest Oak

Care & Maintenance

Use both vacuum cleaning and mopping to maintain your floor to the best effect. Always begin with vacuuming in order to be sure that you’ve removed elements of debris. When vacuuming Duravana floors, it’s important to be sure that your vacuum is suitable for vinyl floor use. If you can get a vacuum with a soft bristle brush attachment, this is ideal. 

As for mopping, a damp mop is recommended, using water only or a vinegar solution, or, for tougher jobs, a very gentle household floor cleaner (such as Bona Hard Surface Cleaner). While steam mops are cited by the manufacturer as OK for use, be warned that, in our experience, they tend to result in a dull floor over time. 

Protect Your Floor

Thankfully, there are lots of ideas you can use to keep your floor safe from damage. Here are some of the best. 

  • Use doormats. They make a huge difference in terms of keeping gravel, grit, and other damaging particles well away from your flooring. Floormats and rugs used in high-traffic areas will also be extremely helpful. Use rugs with solid backing to prevent any ingress of particles through the rug and onto the floor over time. 
  • Shoes off. This will prevent a lot of wear in general and in particular from sharp stones and other debris. Once you’ve got into the habit of taking your shoes off upon entry, you’ll wonder how on earth you were ever comfortable keeping them on. 
  • Put felt pads under the furniture legs. Be sure to keep them in place underneath should you ever decide to move those heavy pieces of furniture around. 
  • When you do move your furniture around, always lift – never drag. 
  • Where felt pads aren’t suitable, consider other methods, such as a protective chair mat
  • Keep the temperature inside between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This will prevent any moisture from building up and unduly affecting the floor.
  • Keep dogs’ claws trimmed nice and neat. This will give your floor the best chance of remaining beautifully scratch-free for years to come. Should your dog not be amenable to this kind of care, there are other options available, such as dog socks. No, really.

Repair and Maintenance Techniques

  • Chips and dings can be repaired with finishing putty, often included in a floor repair kit
  • Tough stains can be removed with acetone nail polish remover. 
  • Chewing gum should be removed with a blunt blade once it has hardened. 

The Pros & Cons of Duravana Flooring

Like all flooring options, LL’s Duravana has its advantages and disadvantages listed below.

Duravana Pros

  • Attractive Wood Looks – Some very nice-looking planks.
  • Real Wood Comfort – The underfoot cushioning of real wood is always welcome.
  • Good Wear Layer – 30 mil’s a solid spec.  
  • Multi-Use – Good for installation in any room, no matter how much water is likely.
  • Easy To Clean – A mop and water are all that’s needed. For stubborn stains, you can use a steam mop. 
  • You Can Replace Problem Planks – When damage strikes, you can replace the offending plank with a new one. 
  • Waterproof – Duravana’s imperviousness to water appears unchallengeable. 
  • Great Warranties – Lifetime residential warranty, as you’d expect. A 25-year light commercial warranty’s pretty special.   
  • No Acclimation Needed – Duravana’s flooring is ready to go straight out of the box. 
  • Eco-Positive – Natural product with no PVC = great choice for the planet. 

Duravana Cons

  • Installation Gives Trouble – As we mentioned, this could be because installers are ignoring instructions. But it is a recurring theme. 
  • Durability Seems a Little Dubious – Little chips seem to crop up far more often than you would hope. 
  • Not Cheap – As ever, with environmentally friendly products, you have to pay a little extra. 
  • Cannot Be Refinished – Unlike natural wood, you can’t repair damage by refinishing the plank.  
  • Not The Real Thing – Although they’ve had a good stab at simulating hardwood, it’s not quite the same. It never is. 

Our Verdict

Style – 8 out of 10

We were very taken with some of the wood looks on offer, particularly in the more unusual varieties. It’s interesting how many customer reviewers absolutely love the look of their new floor, and the images they attach reveal why. Duravana has the visual impact that luxury vinyl struggles to deliver sometimes. 

Durability – 6.5 out of 10

This was difficult to score. On the one hand, it has belting warranties, both for residential and commercial use. It’s supposed to be at least as scratchproof and dentproof as laminate and luxury vinyl and has the impeccable waterproofing of LVP. Why, then, are there so many reports of its inability to deal with normal wear and tear? We’re always ready to discount isolated reviews as unfortunate incidents, but it’s difficult to do this with Duravana’s many detractors.  

Affordability – 6.5 out of 10

It’s not the most expensive flooring out there by any means. Starting at $3.89 SFT is reasonable for a great-looking waterproof product like this. But it’s possible to source both luxury vinyl and laminate at lower prices. And when you get over $4, you start to get close to engineered wood territory, which is where you get the real wood look and feel that can seal the deal. 

Online Reviews – 6 out of 10

Such a shame that there’s this cloud hanging over Duravana’s durability. If it were possible to put these aside, Duravana’s appearance and waterproofing would result in a glittering review performance. But we can’t leave durability questions out of the picture. And we can’t forget the installation difficulties either (however, do bear in mind that problems with breaking during installation plague almost all floating flooring reviews). Overall, it adds up to a speckled picture. 

Overall Score – 7 out of 10

So, Duravana Hybrid Resilient Flooring scores a respectable, if unremarkable, 7. This feels like a missed opportunity, a case of what might have been. The description and specs given on the LL Flooring website are enough to get the most grizzled flooring veteran excited. To find a product that combines natural components with real waterproofing is the culmination of a near-impossible quest, like those Arthurian fellas laying their gauntleted hands on the crockery used at the Last Supper. 

Alas, however, it would seem that it’s not Holy Grail standard. It’s good but not miraculous. The issues that many have with its ability to stay chip-free in the face of normal use is enough to make this old warrior wearily shake his head and make once more for the door, resigned to the realization that the quest must continue.

Good Alternatives to Duravana Flooring

Proximity Mills Vinyl – If you want something affordable yet good quality, perhaps Proximity Mills Vinyl Flooring may interest you. The brand is US-based, and its vinyl planks are durable, featuring a waterproof SPC core and a thick 22-mil protective wear layer. You can choose from 11 stylish collections that include traditional and modern concepts. Many of their collections are relatively affordable, starting at $3.50 per square foot. In addition, Proximity Mills vinyl floors are rated Zero-VOC, meaning they don’t emit any harmful gasses over time, which is great for your home’s air quality.

Liberty Home Vinyl – Liberty Home is a new brand with an exciting product range. For the same price range as Duravana, Liberty Home provides flooring options that are both 100% waterproof and suitable for families. They present four unique vinyl collections – Big City, Hometown, UltraDefend, and UltraDefend Pro – ensuring you’ll find a product that matches your style.

TRUCOR Vinyl – TRUCOR offers high-quality products that can be compared to COREtec’s vinyl offerings. With over 200 designs that mimic wood and stone, TRUCOR is known for its outstanding durability and scratch resistance. Additionally, they take pride in their GreenGuard Gold and FloorScore certifications, which indicate minimal VOC emissions.

COREtec Vinyl – COREtec is one of the leading vinyl plank brands on the market. Their floors are known for their outstanding durability and style. Their LVP products are 100% waterproof and have very thick wear layers, such as their Coretec Grande line, which has a 30-mil wear layer and is 15mm thick overall. If you want a vinyl plank floor that’s built to last, Coretec is undoubtedly a worthy contender. In addition, Coretec is relatively affordable, with options starting at $4.39 per square foot.

Shaw Vinyl – Shaw Industries is a huge, US-based flooring company; the brand has been producing flooring for over 40 years. They offer many highly rated and fully waterproof vinyl plank flooring lines, including both hardwood and tile look styles. Most of their lvp ranges are between 8 and 12mm thick and have a durable 20mil wear layer. You can purchase some of their lines for as low as $3 per square foot, while their thickest, premium lines can set you back $9 per square foot. Whether you want a low-cost but decent-quality vinyl floor or an ultra-thick premium one, Shaw has that to offer.

Final Words

We hope you’ve found this Duravana flooring review helpful in your decision on what flooring to get for your home. Whichever flooring you end up with, we wish you many years of happiness with it.

Have you had any experience with Duravana flooring? Can you comment on its ability to withstand nicks and chips in the face of family life? Please add your thoughts to the comments section below.


Is Duravana real wood?

Duravana flooring certainly has real wood within it, with construction built around a solid wood core. Its surface is not real wood, however, although it might pass for it in certain light conditions. 

Is Duravana waterproof?

Duravana flooring is sold as completely waterproof, much more so than laminate, and on the same level as luxury vinyl. Reviews seem to bear this out. 

Can Duravana be laid outside?

Although waterproof, Duravana flooring is for indoor use only. 

Is Duravana flooring hardwearing?

Not simple to answer. The warranties are better than most of the flooring at this price point, but reviews cite a vulnerability to chipping. 

3 Replies to “Duravana Flooring Review 2023: Is It Worth Buying?

  1. I love the versatility and the look and feel of real hardwood floors! I think the negative reviews about it cracking during installation is because they didn’t pay attention when installing the flooring! It looks really nice and is resilient and quiet to walk on! The oak is beautiful! I rate it a 9 out of 10, price and look! Thank you Duravana hybrid flooring and thank you L.L. flooring for the recommendation and discount!

  2. I am installing it now, and find it is not hard at all to install IF you follow the directions, and inspect all boards prior to laying them to make sure you don’t have a minor chip already. It is not any harder to lay than the engineered bamboo we put down 18 years ago.. If you scan the QR code for the warranty and installation, there are very detailed instructions to avoid damage. It also comes back apart easily if you need to fix a mistake. For example, use not only a bridge for alignment, but an extra piece between the edge and the tapping block when installing to avoid chipping, and cut with foam side up if using a jig saw or circular saw, and wood side up if using a mitre saw.

  3. Our flooring started bubbling up and we don’t know why. Was great for about 4 months and then started. No response from the company to date.

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