Cali Bamboo Flooring Reviews, Pricing & Our Rating 2022

Cali Bamboo Review 2021

Cali Bamboo is a flooring brand that first brought bamboo flooring to the US, based in San Diego, California. The company founded in 2004 by two college friends, first it offered bamboo fencing, after that it added bamboo flooring. Over the years Cali Bamboo steadily expanded into the large brand it is now and offers and a wide variety of flooring, decking, fencing, and other products. In this Cali Bamboo Review, we are going to examine all aspects of the brand, including pricing. Let’s start by discussing the Cali Bamboo product range.

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    Product Range

    Cali Bamboo’s wide selection of amazing products now consists of 6 types of floors, decking options, and its Cali Bamboo marketplace area. The full range includes;

    • Bamboo Flooring
    • Cork Flooring
    • Eucalyptus Flooring
    • Wood Flooring
    • Vinyl Flooring
    • Engineered Flooring
    • Composite Decking
    • Bamboo Fencing
    • Cali Marketplace (flooring tools/ care kits, poufs, area rugs, bamboo plywood, etc).

    Bamboo Flooring

    Bamboo Flooring is essentially the product that made Cali Bamboo expand. The brands bamboo flooring changed the game, the brands Bamboo is not only twice as dense as hardwood but is also made from 100% ecofriendly bamboo that also helps the planet by extracting CO2 from the atmosphere.

    Cali Bamboo’s bamboo flooring selection offers both light and dark shades of bamboo with both modern and rustic finishes. Most of the collections are very strong, there is even a collection named ‘Worlds Hardest Floors’. Quite impressive.

    Some of the bamboo flooring products are even 100% waterproof. The bamboo flooring planks measure anywhere from 3 to 6 inches in width and 1/4″ to 9/16″ in thickness. Cali Bamboo offers both engineered and solid bamboo floors. The Bamboo Flooring is backed by a strong 50-year warranty.

    Eucalyptus Flooring

    Another Eco-friendly option in Cali Bamboo’s catalog is Eucalyptus Flooring. Eucalyptus is extremely tough and has a much higher density than wood. Additionally, eucalyptus is renewable and can be harvested every 3-5 years. Cali Bamboo offers 2 types of Solid Eucalyptus floors, Mocha and Natural. The plank length is 48 inches, width is 5-1/8 inches and plank thickness is 9/16 inches. The planks are extremely durable with a 10 coat durability seal, this is backed by an excellent 50-year warranty.

    Cork Flooring

    Cali Bamboo’s Cork selection consisting of 4 products offers a quiet, warm and comfortable floor that is also eco-friendly. Cork is harvested from tree bark which is simply stripped from the tree after the cork regenerates. Cork Flooring is naturally water-resistant, additionally, it provides thermal insulation for a warmer floor. Cali Bamboo ensures more durability with a high resistance coating on all their cork products. The planks are 35-5/8″ long, 11-5/8″ wide, and 10.5mm thick. The range is backed by a nice 25-year residential warranty.

    Engineered Flooring

    The brand engineered flooring section offers Engineered Bamboo, Oak, Hickory, Maple, and another collection named GeoWood. GeoWood is a composite floor (wood and plastic), it’s 100% waterproof and comes with attached underlayment. Plank sizes vary the type of wood with some extra wide and extra long planks available. All options in Cali Bamboo’s wood flooring section come with durable multi-coat finishes. GeoWood and most of their Oak, Hickory, and Maple also come with a 50-year warranty.

    Vinyl Flooring

    Cali Bamboo’s vinyl range consists of 2 types of vinyl, one made with a composite bamboo core and one with a composite stone core. The vinyl layer is attached to these cores, the planks come with acoustic insulation and attached underlayment. Plank width is anywhere from 7 1/8″ – 9″ inches. All of the brands vinyl plank products have a 0.5mm (20mil) wear layer, are 100% waterproof and come with a 50 year residential warranty.

    Composite Decking

    The brand also offers composite decking for a durable outdoor choice. Composite decking is made from wood and plastics, Cali Bamboo states that its decking is made from 100% recycled materials and is easy to maintain. The decking comes in plank lengths of 8 and 16 feet while being 4 inches wide. 8 different style options are available with a variety of shades and colors. This decking is supposed to be weatherproof and highly durable this is backed by a 25-year residential warranty.

    How durable is Cali Bamboo flooring?

    Cali Bamboo’s flooring is one the most durable flooring on the market right now, if not the best. Cali Bamboo and Eucalyptus floors are twice or even three times as as traditional hardwood types such as Oak, Hickory, etc. Just look at the hardness ratings.

    Wood TypeJanka Hardness Rating
    Red Oak1290
    White Oak1360
    Brazilian Walnut3684
    Cali Bamboo5574*
    Cali Eucalyptus5574*
    * according to Cali Bamboo’s website

    The flooring comes with multiple layers of protective coats in order to prevent scratches and stains. If you are worried about moisture then Cali Bamboo offers 100% waterproof options that won’t warp or buckle.


    Cali Bamboo offers an amazing 50-year residential warranty and a 25-commercial warranty on almost all of its flooring products. This is a great warranty compared to other flooring competitors and further boosts the brand’s durability claims.

    The Green Factor of Cali Bamboo

    In recent years global warming has had a huge impact on the flooring industry, many brands had to adjust to a more eco-friendly business. Cali Bamboo was born out of Bamboo, bamboo itself is a very green eco-friendly plant and so is their eucalyptus.

    Bamboo is a renewable source of material, the plant can be harvested every 4-5 years. The bamboo in Asia, which Cali Bamboo use can grow up to 30 meters tall and have 10-12 inches in diameter. Most importantly Bamboo has some carbon-absorbing properties, bamboo can absorb more CO2 and release 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere than traditional wood forests. Simply put, Bamboo is very good for our environment.

    Another eco-friendly material Cali Bamboo uses is Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus trees can be harvested every 3-5 years and go as high as a whopping 300 feet. Normal hardwood trees take 60 years to mature, additionally Eucalyptus wood is much stronger than traditional hardwood.

    The only carbon footprint Cali Bamboo leaves is the transportation of its bamboo by boat from Asia. However, because bamboo is so light a lot of it can be transported once. Furthermore, instead of fossil-fueled boats, electric boats will be used in the future, they can be run on renewable energy.

    Cali Bamboo Reviews Online

    After researching Google for Cali Bamboo we found that they have a good review profile on the Lowes website. Cali Bamboo’s fossilized bamboo range scored a great of 4 out of 5 stars from 155 unique reviews. We also found Cali Bamboo reviews with similar scores on other websites.

    Generally speaking the brand has a good online reviews profile therefore adding more credibility.

    Cali Bamboo Price

    The entire Cali Bamboo product range is quite affordable. The brand’s fossilized bamboo is listed for as low as $3.79 per squared foot which is a very good price considering its durability. Cali Bamboo Vinyl is also affordable at only $3.59 per square foot. Overall the companies pricing is a pretty good deal for the 50-year warranties and excellent durability you are getting.

    Cali Bamboo RangePrice per squared foot
    Fossilized Bamboo – Java Brown$3.79/ per Sq.Ft.
    Fossilized Eucalyptus – Mocha$6.00/ per Sq.Ft.
    Cali Bamboo GeoCore – Copperstone$4.99/ per Sq.Ft.
    Cork – Brisa Brown$3.29/ per Sq.Ft.
    Cali Vinyl Pro – Classic Mesquite$3.59/ per Sq.Ft.
    Cali Bamboo Composite Decking$105 per package of two
    Engineered Hardwood – Odyssey$5.99/ per Sq.Ft.
    Cali Bamboo Pricing

    Where to Buy Cali Bamboo ?

    Cali Bamboo is widely available online through multiple stores. It is also stocked in Lowes and Home Depot however the best option is to buy from the Cali Bamboo website directly.


    All of Cali Bamboo’s range can be installed using the floating method. This is by far the easiest installation method however their flooring can also be glued to the ground.

    Most of the products require additional underlayment and some cold sub-floors may need an extra coating of moisture sealer. Make sure your sub-floor is fairly level prior to installation, for best results you should follow Cali Bamboo’s installation guides.

    Care and Maintenance

    Care and maintenance are key to your floor’s durability and performance. To extend your floors lifetime and avoid costly damages you should follow these recommendations:

    • Use the right vacuum type for your floor, some vacuums will cause damage and scratches (avoid beater bars).
    • Make sure to clean all liquid spills promptly.
    • Avoid bringing dirt inside, ideally, you should use floor mats at your home’s entrance points. Clean your floor at least weekly.
    • Do not drag heavy furniture on the floor, additionally, use furniture leg pads to avoid scratches, these can be found in most local DIY stores.
    • Use rugs to cover high traffic areas and workstations.
    • Avoid Using steam mops unless the flooring specification allows doing so.
    • Do not expose to the sun for long periods of time and make sure your home is not too humid.
    • Never use bleach, oil soap, or any other potentially harsh household cleaning products. Use a cleaning product specifically designed for your type of flooring.

    For extra info follow Cali Bamboo’s Floor care & Maintenance guides.

    Our favorite laminate flooring mop is the Bona Spray Mop by far. We highly recommend it for all Hard-Surface floor types. It’s lightweight and doesn’t oversaturate your floor or require a water bucket. 

    If you’re after a vacuum, then we recommend the Eureka Elevate Cordless Vacuum. It’s our favorite choice, quite affordable, and doesn’t hurt hard-surface floors.

    Pros & Cons

    Cali Bamboo Pros

    • The durability of Cali Bamboo and Eucalyptus floors is some of the best you kind find on the flooring market.
    • Cali Bamboo is fairly affordable for the average American, prices of their bamboo flooring are as low as $3.59 per square foot.
    • The brand is very eco-friendly, most of the materials they use are renewable and help to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
    • Cali Bamboo offers 100% waterproof options with their Vinyl and GeoCore ranges.
    • The company scores a 4 out of 5 stars average in all of its online reviews.
    • The brand offers a generous 50-year warranty on almost all of its flooring products.

    Cali Bamboo Cons

    • Some of the brand’s hardwood ranges can price at a higher $5.99 per squared foot which is quite expensive.

    Our Verdict

    Durability – 10 out of 10

    In terms of durability, Cali Bamboo shines. They offer some of the most durable options you can find on the web with their Bamboo and Eucalyptus. Backed by a 50-year warranty Cali Bamboo may be the most durable flooring brand in the US in our opinion.

    Affordability – 8.5 out of 10

    Surprisingly we found Cali Bamboo flooring quite affordable for the average buyer. This includes both their Hardwood and Vinyl ranges. Some options are as low as $3.59 per squared foot.

    Style – 8.5 out of 10

    The brand offers a wide array of beautiful styles and shades, both rustic and modern designs can be found in their large flooring catalog.

    Overall Score – 9 out of 10

    Overall Cali Bamboo scores an impressive 9 out of 10 in this Cali Bamboo Review. The brand outshines all of its competition on durability. In fact, it is probably the toughest brand we have reviewed here at HomeFloorExpert. No wonder Cali Bamboo is so popular in the US.

    What do you think of Cali Bamboo? Share your thoughts and experiences with the brand in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

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