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Bona Traffic HD

If you’re someone who is about to purchase Bona Traffic & Bona Traffic HD and looking for some real-life experiences with them, then you’re at the right spot, in this article, we will be reviewing both of them. It is the obvious question of every individual when he/she is trying something new, is this product the best and worth the purchase? Let’s elaborate on this for Bona Traffic & Bona Traffic HD. Both of these are top-coats that are ideally designed to be used in such public areas that are subject to high levels of traffic. The core difference between these two is that Bona Traffic HD ends up producing a tougher finish and it outperforms all of the urethane finishes, including Bona Traffic. Moreover, as compared to Traffic’s 210 VOC score, Traffic HD has a lower score of 150 VOC. But, if any of them is worth the money? Let’s explore!

Basically, both of them are two-parted products. Part one provides finishing, while part two is a hardener, which is crucial to be used for achieving the best results. Moreover, you can purchase both of these parts, one and two separately as well as together. So, it would be better for the purchasers to get their hands on both!

Please note: These products are not utilized in place of sealers and stains, but instead they are used for providing a finish as a top-coat when you have stained and sealed the floor. The best approach would be to opt for an application of a satin coat and then one code of sealer beforehand. It is further claimed by Bona that when its products are properly prepared, then they will adhere to different types of floor sealers and stains with ease.

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    Important Update on Bona Traffic

    Whilst we were doing our research on Bona Traffic we found that there are only a few available listings which are probably leftovers of old stock. It seems like Bona decided to move on to Bona Traffic HD as an upgrade to Bona Traffic. Bona Traffic is widely available online. If you would like to go for a more satin finish there is another product called Bona Natural which may be ideal for you.

    Bona Traffic Reviews

    The results of Bona traffic are mostly good, but there are some bad reviews mixed with them. During a survey, Bona Traffic had received a rating of 5-stars from sixty-six percent of more than 45 reviewers. It was further commented by the reviewers that it made the flooring look flawless; it made it resistant to scratching and had a tough protective layer. One of the 5-star reviews was:

    “We made an application of Bona Traffic in our areas of the living room and kitchen, two years back. But, even today, it looks the exact same; there are no scratches that are visible, even though we have a puppy and three girls!”

    There is an interesting fact attached to this survey, and it is during this survey there were no three or four-star ratings, but instead, the other thirty-four percent had given the rating of either one star, or two stars, strange isn’t it? One such review was:

    “I have applied Bona Traffic semi-gloss one month back, and now, it has started to peel off. I have to pay an additional amount of $1000 to get it removed.”

    But what are the causes of these mixed reviews for Bona Traffic? Let’s take a look at its advantages and disadvantages, so it will get easier for you to decide whether it is the right approach for you or a no-no!

    Bona Traffic Features

    • It provides a commercial-grade finish, but it is good to be used for residential purposes as well.
    • Its production is done in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss, which are resistant to slip, and certified by UL.
    • It is based on water.
    • It is claimed by the manufacturers of Bona that after proper finishing, most of the sealers and stains will adhere to it.

    Now, the features of Bona Traffic are discussed, but what are its advantages and disadvantages? Let’s move further and discuss these.

    The Advantages of Bona Traffic

    The best thing about Bona Traffic is that its application is extremely easy as well as its mixing. It takes 3 hours to get dried to the fullest. Moreover, it is further recommended to wait for at least seventy-two hours before you start walking on it or moving any furniture over it. Also, the marks of the brushes, pads, and rollers also disappear really quickly. However, the tools can be cleaned up by making use of water along with a mild detergent. 

    Another advantage of Bona Traffic is that it is not just resistant to scratching, but also to yellowing because it features a clear formula, which provides it with a resistance to scratches and makes it tough. If we discuss the coverage of it, then an area of 350-400 square feet will be covered per gallon. It is further recommended by Bona that you should coat twice, regardless of how much you need it.

    Bona traffic as a VOC is UL Green guard-certified and it features similar certifications by Germany as well as Sweden.

    Thus, you should only expect these advantages from Bona, only when it is prepared correctly.

    The Disadvantages of Bona Traffic

    When it comes to the disadvantages of this product, then the major disadvantage is the “cost.” The overall cost for the hardener as well as the finish is around $115-$135 for one gallon from different sellers. The applicator Bona swivel-head T-bar costs around $30. Most of the time, professionals prefer the use of pad applicators and rollers because they are extremely convenient to be used and provide users with high-end results. 

    If this product isn’t opened, then it features just a one-year shelf life. Once it is opened and mixed, then the pot life will be no longer than max four hours. 

    Another disadvantage is that this product in the US is accessible in a 1-gallon size and it is imperative to use it as quickly as possible once it is opened and mixed, thus; much of it gets wasted because of its less pot life. 

    In order to filter out the unmixed solids, the consumers make use of a screen to its bottle while pouring out Bona traffic, but many of them claim that even after applying the screen, it doesn’t filter out all of the unmixed solid particles.

    More Disadvantages

    Another con of this product is that Bona hasn’t warned the consumers regarding the peeling and flaking of its product. However, the final results are greatly dependent on the species of the wood, more probably on the resinous and oily exotics, because these woods end up peelings as well as flaking. Thus, it is imperative to opt for roughing up before the application for better adhesion.

    You can touch it up with stranded polyurethane as a poly sealer could be sanded to spot in the removal of scratches, and coating it with polyurethane will give such a repair that won’t be visible. There is one thing to take into consideration. Both Bona Traffic and HD are polyurethane, and you can’t use other polyurethane products with it for the repair of scratches. This approach can be utilized with fresh traffic, but due to the short pot and shelf life, you won’t get enough of it because it is around $100 for one gallon, it is an expensive repair, isn’t it?

    Bona Traffic HD
    Bona Traffic HD

    Bona Traffic HD Reviews

    If we discuss the reviews of Bona Traffic HD, then 80% of them are found to be positive, which one of them is:

    “Only had it down a few weeks, but shows no damage in a domestic situation. Need to be careful not to let dry before applying adjacent coat as instructions) or interface shows clearly. great at filling small dips & cracks, excellent coverage on my sanded floor when used with Bona Classic Primer. Would definitely use it again despite quite a high price – it can’t be beaten!”

    Apart from that, much of its advantages and disadvantages are similar to those of Bona Traffic. Let’s take a look at them as well:

    Key Features of Bona Traffic HD

    • It can be used for both residential purposes as well as commercial purposes.
    • It’s also based on water.
    • It provides semi-gloss, extra matte, and satin sheens.
    • It can be utilized over most of the sealers and woods.

    The Advantages of Bona Traffic HD

    The core advantage of using Bona Traffic HD is that it provides a standard Traffic finish. It is extremely easy to be applied and dries up at a good pace. Moreover, one gallon of Bona Traffic HD is sufficient to cover an area of 400+ square feet. It is certified as a low-VOC product therefore it is safe for kids, pets, the elderly, and anyone else. Here are a few Positive reviews we found online:

    “Breathable, easy to use and being water base means the evaporating evaporates are gone in 24 hours which is a bonus to it being a truly clear finish.”

    “Easy to apply to give a good finish with a roller. I hope that it is going to last a long time as it is not cheap. I would say that a light sanding after the primer coat makes a big difference to the final finish or did on my parquet floor, sadly I did not have time to do this in all the rooms.”

    “Easy to apply, perfect finish, and hard as nails. We used it on floorboards that were put down circa 1850 and it worked extremely well.”

    Along with the extra matte finish of this product, it is highly resistant to slip, but good products come with some cons too, right? Let’s dive deeper into the disadvantages of this product before you make your final selection.

    The Disadvantages of Bona Traffic HD

    As we have demonstrated above, the advantages of Bona Traffic HD is somewhat similar to Bona Traffic. It is also expensive and available in a one-gallon container. Moreover, it too has very little life on the shelf as well as in the pot. Also, it can’t be touched with polyurethane. To add even more it possesses the ability to get peeled off if it is applied to improperly sanded, oily, or resinous floors. Here is a negative review we found online:

    “2nd time in less than a year we have had our floors refinished by a professional with this material. Again we are getting scratches and scuff marks all over the floor. This product seems to be very soft. We have no pets and we have felt under all of our furniture. We have emailed bona customer service and are waiting for a response.”


    If we discuss the differences between these products, then there isn’t much, but instead, they are alike. The major difference is that HD provides a matte finish, whereas traffic provides a gloss finish. Moreover, the method of preparation is the same for both of them. The following is said by Bona:

    Make sure you’re using those methods of preparation that are accepted by the industry association for sand. If you have a floor, which is stained then make sure that you use an 80-100 grit paper for making your final cut and then further hold it with an 80-120 grit paper. Moreover, if you have a floor which is unstained then use an 80-120 grit paper for making your final cut and then further holding it with 120-150 grit paper. The burnishing will bring reduction to the raising of the grain. Now take a buffer and use a Tampico Brush on it, and vacuum it. Take a dry Bona Microfiber Tacking cloth as well as Pad and tack it. The final step would be to take the final finishing system, Bona Traffic or HD, whatever you prefer, and apply it.

    Many people also say that Bona Traffic HD is stronger and more durable than Bona Traffic.

    Now, let’s move to the main question: is any of them, Bona Traffic or HD worth the money?

    Do we get what we spend with Bona Traffic or HD?

    If we compare both of these Bona Traffic and Bona Traffic HD, then we will find their costs are 2-4x more than that of the water-based polyurethane from MinWax, General Finishes, Varathane, and other products that come under this domain. Moreover, what matters the most is the durability and both of these possess higher durability than that of polyurethane. Now, it is up to your budget whether this much higher cost warrants durability, or not.

    There are certain other things as well that might get messed up when you mix or apply the product. We would recommend you to hire a professional for the application. Especially if you are not so sure that you can do this on your own.

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