Best Vinyl Flooring for Bathrooms: Complete Guide

Best Vinyl Flooring for Bathrooms - Featured

Vinyl is a sensible and increasingly popular flooring material, especially for bathrooms, as it is waterproof and offers many styles that resemble traditional stone and ceramic tiles. Much improved in recent years from the days when it was a byword for cheap and convenient, vinyl encompasses a range of flooring solutions, which we’ll take a look at below before comparing some products to decide on the best vinyl flooring for bathrooms.

Keep scrolling to find out which vinyl options are best for bathrooms, how they compare in pricing, the things to consider when choosing vinyl flooring for bathrooms, and its main advantages and disadvantages compared to other flooring options.

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Best Vinyl Flooring for Bathrooms

These are our top six recommendations for the best vinyl flooring for bathrooms. Each has its own distinct strengths and different suitabilities, so we’ll now look into the details of each product and see what they can deliver in the vinyl bathroom flooring stakes.

Compare Our Picks

Bathroom Vinyl PickPrice per Square FootOverall ThicknessWear Layer ThicknessTile/Plank Maximum Length x Width
Shaw Paragon Tile Plus$5.00-$7.005.34mm20mil24 inches x 12 inches
Proximity Mills Twin Rivers$6.505mm22mil24 inches x 12 inches
Mannington Realta$4.50-$7.505mm12mil48 inches x 7 inches
COREtec Plus Waterproof$6.50-$10.508mm20mil24 inches x 12 inches
TrafficMASTER Residential Vinyl Sheet$1.22-$2.002.5mm10mil12’ wide, length to order
Earthwerks Stadium$6.00-$8.006mm20mil48 inches x 7 inches
Best Vinyl Flooring Option for Bathroom – Comparison

1. Shaw Paragon Tile Plus (Top Pick)

Best Vinyl Flooring for Bathrooms - Shaw Paragon Tile
Shaw Paragon Tile Plus – Shale

We kick off with our top choice, from a company that’s been creating floors since 1967 and has been winning a slew of awards since 2014 for its quality across the board. This particular tile, the Paragon Tile Plus, is a popular product, with very good reason.

It comes in 12″ x 24″ tiles, built with durability in mind; hence the 20mm wear layer. Scuffs, spills, and dents are repelled by the ScuffResist Platinum finish, and the SoftSilence acoustic pad guarantees that peace will reign regardless of the amount of traffic the floor experiences. 

It’s 100% waterproof, which makes them ideal for a bathroom setting. They are super-practical, only needing regular vacuuming or a mop every week or so. Note – when using a mop, make sure it’s just damp and not wet, and never use a steam mop. 

The Paragon Tile Plus has the authentic appearance of stone, and a large range of different stone types is available, including basalt, pebble, obsidian, and gypsum. The look is complemented by the beveled edging and low gloss that each tile boasts. 

Environmentally speaking, the Paragon Plus has pretty good credentials. As you’d expect, the VOC score complies with regulations, and there are no ortho-phthalates used in the manufacturing process. (Ortho-phthalates are sometimes added to plasticize material and are associated with poor brain development in children.) The company as a whole seeks to use sustainable sources for its materials where possible.

Installation’s not tricky, involving no glue or grout. Time-honored tongue and groove is the technique used, and you can install and start using it straight away. Finally, the warranty is pretty heavyweight – you get a limited lifetime residential guarantee and 10-year light commercial use. 

Why Shaw Paragon Tile Plus?

We’ve chosen this one as our favorite primarily because it has that invaluable combination of practicality, looks, and ease of use. Durable, beautiful, and simple to install, Paragon Tile Plus has a lot going for it. 

A bathroom can see some serious use in a family home, and floors have to stand up to a lot of clobbering. One thing’s for sure, once you’ve got yourself a new floor in there, you don’t want to have to be thinking about replacing it anytime soon. Paragon Tile Plus has the strength to shrug off most damage, so you can be confident that once it’s down, it’s down for the duration. And it’ll carry on looking amazing too. 

2. Proximity Mills Twin Rivers Vinyl Tile (Writer’s Choice)

Proximity Mills Twin Rivers Vinyl Tile - Beaver
Proximity Mills Twin Rivers Vinyl Tile – Beaver

Proximity Mills is a US flooring brand that has been getting a good reputation for their high-performance floors. They aim to provide durable floors that won’t break the bank, and that is the case with their Twin Rivers vinyl tile – our writer’s choice.

The Twin Rivers collection includes a beautifully styled selection of floors with just a touch of texture. Featuring tile and natural stone aesthetics and sized 12” by 24”, these floors are ideal for bathrooms. Especially their Twin Rivers Beaver style, which showcases natural marble, a very popular style indeed. It is built for both household and commercial use.

When it comes to durability, Proximity Mills Twin Rivers certainly won’t disappoint. These vinyl floors have an ultra-thick 22 mil wear layer which protects the design layer against scuffs and scratches. Additionally, Proximity Mills vinyl has an SPC (stone-polymer-composite) core which is 100% waterproof and denser than normal cores. Proximity Mills even gives this range a maximum durability rating and labels it pet-proof, which indicates high scratch resistance.

Another reason why many homeowners choose Proximity is the environmental aspect. All their vinyl floors are completely recyclable, which usually isn’t the case with vinyl plank flooring. Besides that, their floors have extremely low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), ensuring air quality in your home is kept clean and healthy.

In terms of affordability, Twin Rivers offers mid-range pricing compared to other tile-look luxury vinyl tile options on the market. The ease of installation definitely saves money as these vinyl tiles can be installed using the floating (locking) method, requiring no nails or glue; therefore, installers will charge lower rates for labor. Much easier than with traditional tiles.

Why Proximity Mills Vinyl Tile?

Durability, water resistance, scratch resistance, and style – Proximity Mils Twin Rivers certainly ticks those boxes. The 22-mil wear layer speaks for itself, and the SPC core ensures total protection against water. Yes, it’s not the cheapest on the market, but it’s not that expensive either; besides, you get what you pay for, high quality. For those reasons, PxM Twin Rives is one of our top contenders for the best vinyl flooring for bathrooms. We highly recommend this option to anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom floor.

3. Mannington Realta Rigid Core Vinyl Plank (Best Value)

Mannington Realta Vinyl Flooring
Mannington Realta Vinyl Flooring – Austria Snow

On to our value-for-money pick, which comes to us from a New Jersey company in the hands of the fifth generation of the family that started it in 1915. All the flooring the company produces is designed in the US, and most of it is made here too.

The Mannington Realta is a vinyl option that simulates wooden planks in the following varieties: Heritage Walnut, Scandinavian Oak, and two shades of Paris plank. Size-wise, the planks come in at 48” x 7.1”, with a painted bevel edge. They are also available in a 24” x 12” size. 

They’re constructed from sections comprising a backing layer, a super-tough core layer, a printed vinyl layer giving the pattern, and a wear layer. Rigid core flooring like the Realta is incredibly durable, which means it can deliver decent results with a thinner wear layer (12mm). On the downside, a rigid core like this can be cold and perhaps too hard for the liking of some. 

On the upside, though, the construction delivers 100% waterproofing and great resistance to the worst that kids and pets can throw at it. OK, your dog might not be a regular visitor to the bathroom, but it’s good to know that when you need to give them a hosing down and the shower’s the only place you can do it, the floor’s not going to object. 

Warranty’s OK – 15-year home, 6-year light commercial. It’s a floating floor, so no glue or grout is required for installation. The company recommends that a professional be engaged to install it to ensure the best results. However it can be installed using the floating method so if you do wish to install it yourself, instructions are available here

The company takes its environmental and community responsibilities seriously, with zero ortho-phthalates, low VOC levels, and ISO compliance in place. Its values include the tenets of ‘care’ and ‘do the right thing,’ and the company regularly works to assist United Way and American Red Cross. 

Why Mannington Realta Rigid Core Vinyl Plank?

For those who love the look of a wooden floor but would rather have the practicality of vinyl, this product takes a lot of beating. Reasonably hardwearing and totally waterproof, Mannington Realta is a great choice for a bathroom, particularly when you don’t want to spend a massive amount on a great-looking result. 

4. COREtec Plus Waterproof Vinyl Tile (Premium Pick)

Coretec Plus - Cardinal Stone
Coretec Plus – Cardinal Tile

We liked this one too, for all manner of reasons, but you do need to have some funds to consider it. But you often get what you pay for in life, and this is definitely one of those times. 

What COREtec Plus delivers is a tile with all the beauty of stone, together with all the no-fuss usability of vinyl. Like the other products here, a multi-layer construction is used, but where this one differs is in the use of two materials. 

Firstly, the Hydracore middle is made of limestone, recycled wood, bamboo dust, and PVC combined to produce an utterly water-impervious finish that will not expand even if immersed in liquid for a sustained period. Additionally, the tiles are mildew and mold-resistant. Secondly, there’s a cork layer at the bottom which serves to keep the tile feeling warm to the touch and to reduce sound. 

The tiles are micro-beveled edge rectangles, size 24” x 12”. Installation is simple, with no glue or grout necessary, and can be done over most existing floor types, including ceramic tile, hardwood, or laminate, and a level of unevenness can be accommodated.

The look of COREtec Plus is very impressive, giving a natural stone appearance that can fool most. The varieties available include Bronzed Stone and Cardinal Stone. Reviewers often mention the solid sound when walking on them, so the tiles deliver a good stone-type experience in terms of both looks and acoustics.  

As far as the company itself is concerned, they describe themselves as originators, innovators, and ‘troublemakers.’ They seek to overturn established norms in flooring design and construct floors that are 100% family-proof. The result is great-looking flooring that’s scratch- and dent-resistant, with a lifetime warranty included. 

The COREtec Plus Waterproof Vinyl Tile has a good environmental profile, being GreenGuard Gold certified (meaning exceptionally low VOC count) and ortho-phthalate free. The company subscribes to the Cradle to Cradle approach to sustainable material sourcing.

Why COREtec Plus Waterproof Vinyl Tile?

Although a little more pricey than our other choices, COREtec’s products live up to their rep. For sheer looks and strength, they’re out on their own. 

They score hugely in terms of practicality too: their rigidity enables them to be laid over uneven flooring, and their construction means that, unlike natural stone, they don’t have to be sealed. This is a highly-recommended product, which is a sound, if sizeable, investment. 

5. TrafficMASTER Residential Vinyl Sheet Flooring (Budget Option)

TrafficMaster Vinyl Sheet – White Marble

Now we come to the vinyl sheet side of things. As mentioned above, vinyl sheet has its drawbacks, but shouldn’t be rejected out of hand. Take this example from TrafficMASTER, which gives great waterproofing and durability at a reasonable price. 

This flooring delivers stain, scuff, and scratch resistance, courtesy of its phthalate-free urethane layer, and its cushioning means that it’s both comfortable and quiet to walk on. The company gives a 25-year residential guarantee, although no commercial warranty is offered. 

Designs available include Scorched Walnut and Greyed Oak, and the medium gloss finish is lightly embossed. This creates something of the look and feel of wood. 

The sheet width is 12ft, and the length is to order. Installation is by adhesive, and care must be taken to prepare a good, level subfloor. Furthermore, some reviewers point out the advisability of buying a roller in order to guard against bubbles when laying out the sheet. Instructions for vinyl sheet installation are available here

While most reviewers highlight how impressed they are with the great-looking finish of this eminently affordable option, some cite disappointment with the denting caused by furniture laid on top of it. The manufacturer advises against dragging heavy items across it due to the likelihood of floor marking that can result. 

Why TrafficMASTER Residential Vinyl Sheet Flooring?

If you can live with the odd mark left by a sofa, TrafficMASTER gives a lot for the money. At only $1.22 per square foot, it will certainly not break the bank. And you’re getting a decent warranty for a minimal outlay, so it can make a great deal of sense for someone wanting the best flooring for bathrooms but on a budget. 

6. Earthwerks Stadium (Best Environmental Choice)

Earthworks Vinyl Flooring
Earthworks Stadium Plus XL – Tailgate

You’ll have noticed no doubt that most, if not all, of the flooring options investigated so far, have reasonable eco-standards in place. Of course, a good deal of this comes down to what the flooring company is statutorily compelled to align its production process with. 

That’s not to say that the foregoing companies would use some environmental shortcuts if they were allowed to. No sir. But if you want to invest in a vinyl floor that looks great, lasts long, and is made by a company that goes above and beyond what it has to in order to reduce the impact on the planet, you could try Earthwerks Stadium range. 

Headquartered in Texas, the company manufactures vinyl flooring in energy-efficient factories and ensures that its products are recyclable or repurposable. Moreover, some of its products feature recycled materials.   

Earthwerks takes the threat posed by VOC emissions extremely seriously. Consequently, the company adheres to the most stringent of standards, as imposed by Floorscore, an independent certification program. 

So, we get it, Earthwerks produce some pretty green vinyl flooring. It’s great for the planet, but is it great for the householder who just wants a good-looking, long-lasting floor? 

The answer is a resounding yes. First, looks. Stadium flooring is available in a number of attractive wooden shades, with names like Championship, Glory, and Victory. Inspiring stuff! Size is 48” x 7”, or 60” x 9” in the Plus range, with painted beveled edging. 

Moving on to strength, the 100% waterproof Stadium comes with a 20mm wear layer with a TuffShield finish, which gives excellent scuff and wear resistance. The guarantee is, therefore, pretty hardcore, with a lifetime residential and as much as a 30-year commercial warranty given. 

It’s a floating floor, so installation is of the click variety. This means, once again, that no gluing or grouting is necessary. 

Why Earthwerks Stadium?

Good-looking, durable, waterproof, low maintenance, easy to clean, quiet to walk on, and planet-friendly: Earthwerks delivers on all fronts and is clearly among the best flooring for bathrooms there is. However, this kind of product comes at a cost: the neighborhood of $6 per square foot is what we’re talking about. But, hey – saving the planet was never going to be cheap, was it?

The Different Types of Vinyl Flooring for Bathrooms

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

This is made from layers including tough PVC vinyl and a topmost design (and sometimes texture) rendered to give the impression of ceramic, stone, or some other natural material. The vinyl comes in tile shapes and is therefore well-suited to smaller spaces and rooms in which ceramic tiles would look at home, such as the bathroom. A great many LVT products can be grouted in to complete the tile look. 

An immense range of different designs is now available. Moreover, you can mix and match to create your own unique look. 

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

This is the same as LVT except for the shape that it comes in. As the name suggests, the vinyl takes the form of planks, which makes it ideal for replicating the look of wood flooring. 

Both LVT and LVP have improved in quality and come down in price in recent years/. They are well worth looking at, even if you feel they’re not for you. You may be surprised.

Vinyl Sheet

This is how those with longer memories will have encountered vinyl in years gone by. Still popular though. The material comes in a roll, which means it can be cut to fit any shape, and one continuous surface means that cleaning is a breeze – no nooks and crannies for dirt to accumulate in. Great waterproofing too, so ideal for a room in which splashes are anticipated. It’s relatively cheap, too, so what’s not to like? 

Well, there are one or two drawbacks to vinyl sheeting that we should mention. Firstly, it’s not as durable as LVT or LVP. The manufacturing process used with luxury vinyl, particularly if using a hotpress, results in a far stronger construction than is the case with vinyl sheeting. 

Secondly, the range of designs is not as impressive, and vinyl sheet is not terrific at looking like anything other than vinyl sheet. Finally, if the worst happens and some damage is sustained to the floor, your options for replacement are a little limited. You can cut out the damaged area and replace it with a new sheet section, but this can look a little suboptimal. So, you may have to replace the whole floor. 

What to Consider When Choosing Vinyl Flooring for a Bathroom

There are may important factors you must consider when choosing vinyl floors for bathrooms. Your main areas of concern are as follows:

Is It Durable?

Bathrooms get used a lot, and there are many ins and outs during a bathroom’s hectic day. Make sure whatever you put down there can soak up the punishment.

Is It Easy to Clean?

Sometimes the edges of conventional tiles can be major dirt traps, and when you want to mop and go, things can take a little longer than you were hoping. This is where the best vinyl flooring for bathrooms really scores – the right product can mean cleaning becomes so easy it gets to be a veritable pleasure. Well, nearly. 

Is It Waterproof?

This is an absolute deal-breaker in a bathroom environment. Those kids are armed with serious sponge power and are taking no prisoners. Make sure your floor can handle them. 

What Does It Cost?

When money’s tight, you want to be sure your dollars are working on getting you the best bathroom bang for your buck. 


Most vinyl will come with a fairly decent warranty. You’d be expecting something in the region of at least 15 years for a residential setting. 


Always worth taking a quick tour around the net to see what others are saying about the product. Floorwarned is floor armed. 

The Pros & Cons of Vinyl Flooring in Bathrooms

Pros of Vinyl Flooring in Bathrooms

  • Usually Easy To Install – those with a modicum of practical skill should be able to take on the task pretty successfully. A lot can depend on the complexity of the space – is the floor shape fairly basic? If it involves lots of complications in the shape of niches and nooks, you may want to engage some pro help. 
  • Highly Waterproof – this is one of vinyl’s key strengths.
  • Hardwearing – this is especially the case with LVT and LVP products. 
  • Can Be Cheap – vinyl flooring’s often relatively cheap. However, some of the luxury vinyl options can be a little pricier, so do look closely at the price. 
  • Acoustic Benefits – Clomping steps can be muffled nicely by vinyl. Its cushioning can turn the sturdiest stomp into something that sounds more like the tiniest tiptoe. Almost.
  • Wide Range of Designs Available – there’s a vast array of designs, shapes, and colors available. Enough for you to be sure that your flooring will be unique. 

Cons of Vinyl Flooring in Bathrooms

  • Environmentally Questionable – the manufacturing process and disposal possibilities are often not environmentally brilliant. However, this is likely to improve as we go forward. 
  • Not Always Impressive Looking – despite huge advances in recent years, there are still some vinyl products that fail to resemble the natural material they’re hoping to. It would be cruel to say they look cheap, but you get the picture. However, choose wisely, and this need not be an issue. 

Alternative Flooring Options for Bathrooms

There are lots of other options for bathroom floors. Below are the five main alternatives to vinyl flooring.

  • Hardwood – You may think that wood’s a no go because of waterproofing issues and possible slipperiness when wet. However, the right wood (such as teak or bamboo) with the right treatment can have transformational properties in a bathroom. It also imparts a nice warm feel underfoot. 
  • Engineered wood – This takes any doubts about waterproofing right out of the equation and delivers those great wood looks too. Well worth investigating. 
  • Ceramic tiles – A very traditional option that has stood the test of time. Ever since the Romans went tile-crazy in their bathing facilities, we’ve been using tiles and very much reaping the benefits of this decidedly waterproof and durable material. A tiled floor can look amazing, but it can be tricky to keep spotless and can be slippery when wet. It can be cold on the sole of the foot too, but in a hot climate, this is nothing if not downright welcome. 
  • Polished concrete – Increasingly popular, polished concrete ticks all the durability boxes and can look incredible too. 
  • Stone – This is for the big bucks brigade. If you’ve got the money for stone, then you’ve probably got a pretty huge bathroom too, which is what you need to really feel the benefits of this magnificent flooring material. Beautifully natural yet the height of sophistication, stone’s the apex material for bathroom flooring. However, it does have its drawbacks. It’s not warm, and acoustically it can make for some serious echo action. 

In a Nutshell

When we set out to look for the best vinyl flooring for a bathroom, we needed to weigh up a few issues in order to come out with a clear winner. On considering durability, appearance, and value, we decided that our winner was Shaw Paragon Tile Plus. It satisfies on all levels, and although it might not have the environmental acumen of Earthwerks, it’s not far off. And a bit cheaper too. 

Thanks very much for reading, and we hope you’ve gained some inspiration on bathroom vinyl flooring matters. There are stacks of vinyl information out there, so make sure you do your research before you dive in. Whatever floor you end up going for, we hope you and your bathroom are very happy with it. If you have any questions or views you’d like to share, please leave a comment.

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Is bathroom vinyl flooring waterproof?

Yes. This is one of the reasons why vinyl is among the best flooring for a bathroom. 

Can I install bathroom vinyl flooring myself?

Yes. Most vinyl flooring is not prohibitively difficult for a non-professional to install. Do check the manufacturer’s recommendations though. 

Is vinyl flooring toxic?

Not in the home, no. VOC (volatile organic compounds) have to be kept to a minimum by law, and further voluntary instruments (such as FloorScore) aiming to deliver minimal chemical ingress, are widespread. Consequently, there are some very low VOC brands out there. There may be some issues with the manufacture and disposal possibilities of some brands, but the law is tightening up all the time. 

Why choose luxury vinyl over sheet vinyl?

Luxury vinyl planks and tiles tend to be more durable than sheet vinyl. They also deliver the look of wood, ceramic, or stone more effectively than sheet vinyl can. Finally, they tend to be easier to install than sheet vinyl. However, they are more expensive than sheet vinyl, and some may prefer the smooth surface of sheet vinyl. Very much down to the individual. 

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