AquaGuard Laminate Flooring Review 2022 – Our Rating

AquaGuard Laminate Review

AquaGuard Laminate flooring is a water-resistant type of laminate sold exclusively at Floor & Decor online and in-stores nationwide. The brand has a good reputation for being specifically made to withstand moisture. Today we review the brand in detail based on Durability, Style, Affordability, and Aquaguard Reviews. We also compare AquaGuard with other competing Laminate brands such as Shaw, Mohawk, Quick Step, or TrafficMaster.

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    Flooring Range

    The AquaGuard laminate flooring range currently consists of 38 unique designs which are based around hardwood looks. This includes light and dark shades of hardwood as well as hardwood with grey tones. The brand also offers herringbone and mixed-size laminate.

    AquaGuard Laminate

    Most importantly, AquaGuard laminate is highly water-resistant, built to withstand 30 hours of water contact, almost like vinyl plank flooring. The overall thickness of AquaGuard laminate is 12mm. AquaGuard does not come with pre-attached underlayment.

    AquaGuard is constructed from 4 layers, those layers from top to bottom are;

    • Layer 1 – AC5 Protective Aluminium Oxide Coating with 15-year Commercial Wear Resistance
    • Layer 2 – Realistic Decorative Pattern Layer
    • Core Layer 3 – High Density Wood Based Fiber Core
    • Layer 4 – Durable Melamine Balance Layer

    The top coating is a clear layer on the top of laminate planks responsible for protection from scuffs and scratches. AquaGuard has an AC5 Rated top coating meaning it is suitable for Heavy Commercial Use. This is backed by their excellent 15-year commercial warranty.


    Priced at $2.59 – $3.99 per square foot, AquaGuard Laminate sits in the higher end of the laminate flooring price range. The brand is more expensive than brands such as Pergo, Mohawk, or Lifeproof. But, AquaGuard is more affordable than Shaw, Mannington, and Quick Step.

    Overall, we must say AquaGuard laminate is good value considering its excellent water resistance and durability.

    BrandCost per Square FootOverall ThicknessWarranty
    AC Rating
    TrafficMaster Laminate$1.09 – $2.19 SFT7 – 12mm30year/noneAC3
    Home Decorators Laminate$1.69 – $2.49 SFT10 – 12mmlifetime/7yearAC4
    LifeProof Laminate$1.99 – $2.45 SFT12mmlifetime/7yearAC4
    Pergo Laminate$1.99 – $2.99 SFT10 – 12mmlifetime/10yearAC4
    Evoke Laminate$2.09 – $3.29 SFT8 – 14mm20/3yearAC3 & AC4
    Mohawk Laminate$2.29 – $3.298 – 12mmlifetime/5yearAC4
    AquaGuard Laminate$2.59 – $3.99 SFT12mmlifetime/15 yearAC5
    Quick Step Laminate$2.89 – $4.59 SFT8 – 12mmlifetime/noneAC4
    Republic Laminate$3.09 – $3.39 SFT8 – 12mmlifetime/5yearAC4
    Shaw Repel Laminate$3.59 – $3.89 SFT12mm30year/noneAC4
    Mannington Laminate$3.99 SFT12mm25 / 5yearAC4
    Laminate Brand Pricing Comparison


    AquaGuard Laminate can be bought exclusively at Floor & Decor stores Nationwide and on the Floor & Decor website.

    Durability & Thickness

    Aquaguard has a reputation for being is one of the most durable laminate flooring options on the market. This is mainly due to their high water resistance and AC5 top layer which is responsible for protecting the floor from scuffs and scratches. Aquaguard Laminate is rated AC5 meaning it’s suitable for heavy commercial use, unlike most other laminate brands which are AC3 or AC4.

    AC RatingSuitable for
    AC1Light Traffic Residential Use
    AC2Moderate Traffic Residential Use
    AC3Heavy Traffic Residential Use
    AC4Moderate Traffic Commercial Use
    AC5Heavy Traffic Commercial Use
    Laminate AC Rating 1-5

    This is all backed by excellent warranties, these are;

    • Lifetime Residential Warranty
    • Market-Leading 15-year Commercial Warranty
    • 30 Hour Water-Resistance Warranty

    Aquaquard has a high-density hardwood core. The brand’s laminate overall thickness is also great, measuring at 12mm thick. 12mm is pretty much a must for a long-lasting laminate floor. Generally speaking the thicker the laminate floor, the longer it should last.

    What makes AquaGuard stand out the most in the laminate market is in their name, their water resistance. The brand’s laminate is almost like a vinyl plank in terms of being water-resistant. AquaGuard comes with a 30-hour water-resistance warranty, meaning if you spill something the laminate will withstand this for at least 30 hours.

    However, you should always remember that AquaGuard is water-resistant, NOT waterproof. No Laminate is truly waterproof.

    Aquaguard Laminate Reviews

    After researching the web, we found there are not many AquaGuard Laminate Reviews online. Unfortunately, Floor&Decor doesn’t do reviews on their website. The only source we found is a post about AquaGuard flooring.

    The Houzz post has over 460 comments from unique reviewers. Most of the reviewers seem happy, many of them complementing AquaGuard on their looks. However, we did also find a few negative reviews but that is the case with all flooring brands.

    One of the featured reviewers stated:

    We installed Aquaguard Amstel in our whole downstairs in 2019. 2years later and it is still beautiful and I have 3 children under 7, a pit bull and a husband. We installed on a concrete floor with the middle grade underlayment. We don’t have any squawking issues, our only problem is now we want to do the stairs and there aren’t any coordinating pieces.


    Overall, AquaGuard Laminate has a fairly good online reputation however that is only from a small number of reviews.


    Installation is simple with AquaGuard. Like most other Laminate floors, AquaGuard can be installed using the Float method which is the most common and easiest. This includes using an angle-tap locking mechanism to lock the planks together with no need for glue or nails.

    AquaGuard can be installed over most structurally solid and level sub-floors that are free from moisture. This includes Wood, Concrete, and Tile. AquaGuard Laminate requires underlayment to be laid before installation. The underlayment should be at least 3mm thick. Laminate flooring should NOT be installed over Carpet.

    When installing AquaGuard Laminate you should leave at least a 1/4 inch gap to allow for expansion over time. This gap can be covered with Finish Trim.

    As for acclimation Floor&Decor states “In most cases, AquaGuard requires zero acclimation and can be installed immediately”. 

    Need an Installation Quote?

    Lots of our readers often complain that they can’t find flooring installers in their area. We recommend you try our free estimation tool to get at least 3 free quotes from qualified & approved installers in your area within 24 hours.

    The tool is powered by Networx who have been helping people find qualified flooring installers for over 20 years.

    AquaGuard Laminate


    Care and Maintenance are key to the durability and performance of your floor. To extend the lifetime of your laminate flooring and prevent damage you follow these recommendations;

    Regular Maintenance

    • Regulary gently sweep and mop the floor to remove any particles which can cause scratching.
    • Use a damp mop to remove spots.
    • Our favourite flooring mop is the Bona Spray Mop we highly recommend it.
    • Make sure to use a PH neutral flooring cleaner. For Laminate we recommend Bona Hard Surface Cleaner.
    • Any spills of acidic liquids such as wine, juice and soft drink should be avoided and cleaned immediately.
    • Avoid any spills of other harmful chemicals such as paints and dyes.

    Our favorite laminate flooring mop is the Bona Spray Mop by far. We highly recommend it for all Hard-Surface floor types. It’s lightweight and doesn’t oversaturate your floor or require a water bucket. 

    If you’re after a vacuum, then we recommend the Eureka Elevate Cordless Vacuum. It’s our favorite choice, quite affordable, and doesn’t hurt hard-surface floors.


    • Do not use all purpuse or multipurpose cleaners.
    • Don’t use vaccums with rotary beater bars.
    • Do not use Vinegar, Bleach.
    • Don’t use wet sweeper pads.
    • Do not use a steam cleaner.
    • Don’t use steel wool or scouring pads for cleaning.
    • Do not use cleaning products containing Wax, Oil or Polish.

    Prevent Damage

    • Attach Foam Pads under furniture legs, these can be found in most local DIY stores. Ask for furnture leg pads.
    • Place rugs in high traffic areas such as workstations and family sofas.
    • Avoid walking on the floor in shoes. Wear socks.
    • Use door matts in entrances to avoid bringing in dirt.

    Pros & Cons

    Like all flooring brands, AquaGuard Laminate flooring has its Pros & Cons, lets start by going through all the Pros.

    AquaGuard Laminate Pros

    • AC5 Rated – Aquaguard Laminate is rated AC5 meaning its suitable for heavy commercial use. Not many Laminate floors have this feature, most are AC4.
    • Good Thickness – The brands laminate is 12mm thick. 12mm is a must if you are looking to buy a durable Laminate floor.
    • Water-Resistant – AquaGuard Laminate is highly water-resistant, it can withstand 30 hours contact with water.
    • Quite Affordable – Starting at $2.59 per square foot, AquaGuard is actually quite affordable. Especially if you consider its AC rating and thickness.
    • Good Warranties – The brand offers a lifetime residential warranty as well as a market-leading 15-year Commercial Use Warranty.

    AquaGuard Laminate Cons

    • Not Fully Waterproof – Although Aquaguard Laminate is water-resistant, it is not fully waterproof.
    • Requires Underlayment – Aquaguard laminate does not have pre-attached underlayment. Therefore an underlayment sheet of atleast 3mm thickness is required.

    Final Verdict

    Style – 8 out of 10 points

    The brand does offer some great-looking laminate reminiscent of hardwood, also available in herringbone and mixed plank styles.

    Durability – 9.5 out of 10 points

    Rated AC5, AquaGuard is one of the most durable laminate options. It is suitable for Heavy Commercial Traffic.

    Affordability – 8 out of 10 points

    Starting at $2.59 per square foot, AquaGuard is priced well compared to other brands, keeping in mind the brands’ excellent durability.

    Online Reviews – 7 out of 10 points

    Floor&Decor doesn’t have a reviews section on their website and you generally can’t find many AquaGuard reviews on the web.

    Overall Score – 8.5 out of 10 points

    In our AquaGuard Laminate Review, the brand scored 8.5 out of 10 points overall, a pretty solid score. Rated AC5, the brand shines in durability aspects and offers many styles, and is quite affordable. The only downside of the brand is the lack of online customer reviews.

    What do you think of AquaGuard Laminate flooring? Have you had any experiences with the brand? Feel free to share your thought in the comment section at the bottom of the page.


    Is Waterproof Laminate Really Waterproof?

    Although some Laminate flooring is water-resistant, No laminate is truly waterproof. You will find that laminate flooring will dent, shrink or expand when in contact with water for too long. Some brands do offer warranties with 30-hour water protection.

    Does AquaGuard Laminate Flooring Need Underlayment?

    AquaGuard Laminate does require underlayment of at least 3mm thick to be correctly installed. Almost all laminate floors need Underlayment it helps with the sound of the floor, moisture control, and also levels out the subfloor.

    Is AquaGuard Laminate Flooring a Good Choice?

    Aquaguard Laminate seems like a good choice if you’re shopping for laminate flooring. The brand is rated AC5 (suitable for heavy commercial use), which means it should be very durable. Aquaguard is one of only a few brands that offer AC5 laminate. Additionally, it’s also quite affordable.

    Is AquaGuard Flooring Safe?

    All laminate flooring release VOC’s which are toxic gasses for a certain amount of time due to the adhesives used in the manufacturing process. AquaGuard Laminate is GreenGuard Gold certified which means that it releases a very low amount of toxic VOCs. Low-VOC laminate is considered safe for residential scenarios.

    Where Can I Buy AquaGuard Flooring?

    AquaGuard Laminate can be bought exclusively at Floor & Decor in-stores Nationwide and on the Floor & Decor website online.

    5 Replies to “AquaGuard Laminate Flooring Review 2022 – Our Rating

    1. Installed over mid level underlayment 3 months ago. The floor snaps and pops when walked upon. Thought it was settling however same high traffic areas continue to pop. Occasionally the floor will snap or pop randomly in another room. 600 ft of flooring at 3.29 a foot, I am weeks away from eating the cost and scrapping it. Unfortunately, it looks beautiful.

      1. Hey, Edward.

        Thanks for sharing your review of Hydroshield laminate. We are quite surprised about the floor snapping and popping. Are you sure your subfloor was perfectly level before installation and did the installer leave an expansion gap at the edges of the floor?

      2. I purchased 550 square feet of AquaGuard Performance laminate flooring from Floor and Decor, and every last plank is going back to the store.
        This product is complete and total garbage. It does not fit together for installation worth a damn. I am a DIY veteran and I knew after two rows that this flooring was worse than worthless.
        After swearing a blue streak to bang the third row together, scaring the kids and the dogs, I gave up.
        Screw AquaGuard and the horse they rode in on.

    2. We installed this in our house back in December. it already has multiple areas where the floor is chipping. Love the look of it, it was pretty easy to install but with a family that isnt hard on our floors and to see this wear already is very disappointing. Not sure how long it will last until we have to replace due to it looking like crap with black chip marks all over.

    3. I had AquaGuard Hand Scraped Rosewood over a year ago. It was easy to install with no damage and looks just like hardwood. It is in both my kitchen and bathroom and I have had no issues at all with it. I love it.

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