About Us

HomeFloorExpert is a team of flooring professionals who take pride in their knowledge and expertise. It was founded by Adrian Baker at the start of 2020. He created this website as a consumer guide with the goal of giving professional and honest advice about home flooring to homeowners around the globe.

Choosing the right floor for your home can be incredibly difficult with the overwhelming amount of options on the market. Our mission is to help our readers make the right decision when choosing their flooring. 

We constantly research the flooring market analyzing flooring products, and keeping up with recent trends and technological advances. We only recommend durable and cost-effective options with good online reviews. It’s worth noting that we don’t hesitate to criticize products that don’t meet our durability requirements.

Meet The Team

Adrian Baker, Founder & Main Editor

Adrian, the founder and main editor of HomeFloorExpert, has been a flooring installer for over 8 years in Britain. He often encountered issues with certain flooring products and found a lack of helpful information online. Hence, why he founded HomeFloorExpert. Nowadays, he’s still a part-time flooring installer specializing in hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and ceramic tile. Adrian’s dream for HomeFloorExpert is to eventually create an online forum where people worldwide can share their opinion and ideas on flooring products, related issues, and interior home design. His experience in flooring installation means he’s a pro in choosing the best value and most durable products.

Adrian Baker - Main Editor HomeFloorExpert

Martin Jennings-Wright, Lead Writer

Martin is a flooring obsessive. After many years in cinema management, he finally got sick of deep red foyer carpets and branched out into the wider world of floor consultancy. His area of special interest is sustainability. In particular, how businesses go about transforming materials with a traditionally quite difficult profile into floors that won’t harm the planet. A dog enthusiast, Martin is very interested in any flooring that can stand up to sustained claw attack. With his wife, he co-owns and runs a canine accessory shop in the seaside town where they live. What flooring did they install to cope with a paw-fall of literally hundreds of sandy dogs a day? Distressed wood-effect ceramic tile. Has it stood up to it? You bet.

Martin Jennings-Wright - Lead Writer - HomeFloorExpert

Main Sections Of HomeFloorExpert

Buying GuidesOur buying guides category is an ideal place for people who are not sure which product or flooring type to choose for their project. Whether you’re looking for the best laminate, vinyl plank, and hardwood product or the best flooring for bathrooms, basements, or kitchens, you’ll find this area very helpful.

ComparisonsOur comparison guides are a perfect place for people wishing to compare two different flooring products side by side. Whether you’re looking to compare solid hardwood vs. laminate or vinyl plank vs. engineered hardwood, we’ve got it covered. We always compare the two flooring types on key factors such as pricing, looks, installation, water resistance, lifespan, eco-friendliness, etc. Each comparison guide ends with a final verdict and a word of advice.

ReviewsReviewing flooring options gives us great insight into what’s on the market. It allows us to determine which flooring products are the most durable, the best value, and the most affordable. In our flooring reviews, we always comprehensively analyze a flooring brand/product on crucial factors such as durability, price, online reviews, thickness, warranty, style, and water resistance.

Flooring FAQsDo you have any questions about vinyl, laminate, carpet, tile, hardwood, or any other type of flooring? If so, you may be able to find it in our flooring FAQ category, which answers some of the most frequently asked questions about flooring. Find faqs regarding all areas of flooring, including installation, cleaning, and structure, below.