Best Laminate Flooring Cutter – 10 Reliable Options 2021

Laminate Floor Cutter

If you are looking to make your home look aesthetically pleasing and elegant, laminate flooring can be the way to go. It comes with a wide range of finishes and with good craftsmanship, it will fit in any sort of room design. But no matter how much experience you have or how much hard work and sweat you put into it, if you do not have the right tool, you will not be able to materialize your creativity onto the design. This is where a laminate flooring cutter comes into play.

With a laminate floor cutter, you can finish this time-consuming complex task with ease. Whether you are a long-time professional or a DIY enthusiast who wants to give their room a new vibe, a laminate flooring cutter will be the best tool to have in your arsenal.

But with the huge number of these products being available on the market, making the choice can be a very overwhelming task. So today we have brought the list of the top 10 laminate floor cutters hand-picked by experts to make your life a lot easier.

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    Top 10 Laminate Floor Cutters with an Honest and Critical review

    1.Bullet Tools 26-inch Magnum Soft Flooring Cutter

    This laminate cutter will be your long-term companion because of its durable build. The product is built with Strong steel material which is optimal for long-term usage. It also has a wall gauge system that will come in handy when you need to make precise cuts in a short time.

    The in-built ruler of this unit can make cuts within 1/16 inches. The adjustable fence can cut a maximum of 45 degrees. The design is compact, so it can easily be stored in any small space.

    What we like about the product,

    1. Compact design

    2. Built-in ruler

    3. 5-year warranty

    4. Durable build

    2. D-CUT Laminate Flooring Cutter

    We know how difficult it can be to install laminate flooring. To make the process effortless and fast, D-CUT Laminate Flooring Cutter is here to the rescue. This versatile laminate cutter is very powerful and can be used on laminate flooring as well as engineered wood flooring.

    It is compact with a very snappy design. The product also lasts longer, thanks to its very rugged build. This bad boy is designed to provide double cutting power. So even the 12 mm flooring material will feel like paper while cutting. This product only provides straight cuts. Even though you can make some angel cuts with the D-CUT unit, they are limited to very small angles. But on the plus side, it has a 13-inches cutting width.

    What we like about the product:

    1. Double cutting power

    2. Unique design

    3. Tungsten blade

    3. SKIL 3601-02 Saw 

    The SKILL 3601-02 Saw makes the laminate flooring with high accuracy much easier.

    This flooring saw has a mass of 24 lbs, which is very lightweight compared to the other laminating floor cutter available on the market. It offers extreme portability. The easy setup design makes it one of the best choices for someone who is just a beginner in the laminate flooring world.

    As this product delivers fine cuts on both hardwood and laminate floor, your days of going from one saw to another is over. It also provides a miller gauge for your tedious angular cuts.

    This model also has a 36T contractor blade built inside. 

    So if you want to make flexible cuts with a product that will last for a long time with its aluminum die-cast build, Give this a try

    What we like about the product:

    1. Easy to set up

    2. Good vacuum system

    3. Flexible cuts

    4. Highly portable

    4. Norske Tools NMAP001 13”

    This is one of the most popular options on the market, and for good reason also. This laminate floor cutter can cut laminate flooring up to 13 inches wide.

    And with extreme versatility, it can also be used in various sorts of projects based on engineered wood, vinyl, fiber cement board, etc.

    The table miter gauge this product comes with will let you make up to 45-degree cuts with extreme precision and accuracy without breaking a sweat.

    The cutter also has an extended handle which helps with the leverage in the cutting process. So you don’t face any sort of hassle while cutting and can make cuts effortlessly. There is no need for additional electricity. So you can use this uni anytime anywhere with relative ease.

    What we like about the product:

    1. Free of dust

    2. The grip handle is comfortable

    3. Durable

    4. Highly portable with only 13 lbs of weight.

    5. Roberts 10-64 Laminate Floor Cutter

    This model is great for someone who wants to do a variety of flooring. This is a great tool to have by your side when you plan on remodeling your house or any other space.

    This versatile machine can be used on engineered wood, foam tiles, rubber tiles, laminate, vinyl siding, etc. It has a cutting capacity of 13 inches, which will be enough for any regular cutting of floors. It can cut 5/8 inch thick floors.

    The designer of the product knew how frustrating it can be to cut tough materials. So they designed the product with a longer handle, so you can get more leverage while cutting.

    You will be glad to know that the blade is also removable, so you go for the toughest of materials. And when worn out, you can simply replace the blade with a brand new one or just resharpen it before another use.

    What we like about the product:

    1. Can cut a variety of floor materials

    2. Long handle for leverage

    3. Replaceable blades 

    Laminate Installation
    Laminate Floor Installation

    6. Bullet Tools ES00-0009 Laminate Flooring Cutter

    The Bullet Tools ES00-0009 Laminate Flooring Cutter is the best choice for someone who is on a budget but still wants all the great functionality. This 9-inch capacity unit comes with a built-in ruler which aids you to have the most accurate cuts. So you can now measure the flooring you are working with right on the cutter. If you are doing a big project, this feature will add up to save you an enormous amount of time.

    This beginner-friendly model also comes pre-assembled. So you don’t have to face the complexity of assembling the tool. You can just open up the packaging and you are good to go.

    What you liked about the product:

    1. Great value for money

    2. Beginner-friendly

    3. Built-in ruler

    7. MantisTol 10-inch Laminate Floor Cutter

    Even though the laminate floor cutter is responsible for cutting, you do have to consider the looks of the tools at times if you are planning on using it for a long time. And this where MantisTol’s 10-inch Laminate Floor Cutter beats all of its competitors out of the park.

    This model is sure to catch your eye with its sleek and minimalist design. But do not worry. This model is not just for decorations. This unit comes with a 4 mm thick and sharp tungsten steel blade with high durability. The grip is designed to give the user the best cutting experience.

    The compact design of the product makes it compact and highly portable. With a cutting depth of up to 16 mm and a width of 10-inches, this will be a great addition to your workshop

    What we like about the product:

    1. Great ergonomics

    2. Minimalist design

    3. Up to 45 degrees of cutting angle

    4. 4mm thick tungsten blade

    8. EAB Tool Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 Laminate Flooring Cutter-Tool

    This model is similar to the Bullet Tools ES00-0009 when it comes to operation and capacity. But the differentiating factor is the angle gauge it comes with. So this is one of the only floor cutters that lets you cut various angles into your flooring system.

    The good thing that is working in its favor is the very cheap price. Even though it lacks in many departments like the stabilization plate and chipping accuracy, it makes it up with a great value for the money.

    So if you are doing a one-time small job and do not want a huge amount of money for a laminate cutter, you should consider this model.

    What we like about the product:

    1. Angle gauge

    2. Affordable price

    9. ROBERTS 10-35 Laminate Flooring Cutter

    Roberts is a very popular manufacturing company well known for its premium quality product. And the ROBERTS 10-35 Laminate Flooring Cutter is no different. With this model, you can cut with a depth of up to 10 mm. It can cut laminate up to 8 inches.

    This 12 lbs lightweight unit is easy to carry and comes in an eye-catching red color. It takes a little time to get used to handling this model. But after some practice, you can make cuts like a professional.

    The blade that comes with is already sharpened and ready to use. The tool allows you to cut right where you are working which comes in very handy.

    What we like about the product:

    1. Easy to position

    2. Steel outline

    3. Accurate cutting

    10. Bullet Tools 13-inch MAGNUM Laminate Flooring Cutter 

    The last one on our list is the Bullet Tools 13-inch MAGNUM Laminate Flooring Cutter. This is another great product from reliable Bullet Tools. This is an extremely heavy-duty cutter that can cut 13 inches wide laminate with a thickness of up to 1 inch. No additional electricity required for this pro tool means a very clean workspace.

    Even though this big unit does not come pre-assembled, it is very easy to do and will be ready to use in a few minutes. The model is a bit on the expensive side. But with this much capacity, it will be worth the investment. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.

    What we like about the product:

    1. Simple assembly

    2. High durability

    3. Impressive cutting capacity

    4. Good build quality

    What you need to consider before buying a Laminate Floor Cutter

    The most important thing you need to consider when you are spending your money on the cutter is the blade. A sharp, strong, and replaceable blade is always a plus. Any good quality cutter must come with a great blade. Otherwise, it will not accomplish the main thing it was designed to do: cutting laminate.

    The other thing to consider is cutting capacity. Ask yourself whether you are working with thick cuts or thin cuts of laminate. Are the cuts necessary slim or wide? Making sure to grasp the answer to this question will be very helpful when you are considering buying the tool.

    If you do not need wide and thick cuts, then spending a lot of money on a high-capacity cutter is not advised. On the other hand, if the laminate needs thick and wide cuts, a low-capacity cutter with a restricted budget will not cut it. So you need to find the middle ground while choosing.

    The last thing to consider is your budget. Never choose price over quality when it comes to these tools. Or you will end up with a tool that supports your budget and can not provide what you were looking for. Trying to compromise is a big step in the right direction.

    Final Thoughts

    The best way to redecorate and improve your home is by spending time on laminating flooring. Without the proper laminating cutter, this task is very difficult if not impossible.

    There are different models with different features available on the market. Now you can use this article as a guide and pick the perfect laminate floor cutter that suits your needs.

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